Friday, 22nd June 2018.

Warm and sunny this morning for an easy biked six miles. Elton Reservoir in pic one.
Pic two of water soldiers clogging canal at Bury end. Still okay for bike rides.
Many midges about at moment, a pair of (sun) glasses really helps if biking near canal or reservoir.

Thursday, 21st June 2018.

Summer Solstice – years longest day. From today it gets darker. Already.
Sunny for morning’s bike-ride, partly, along Wellington Viaduct where they’ve painted-over cracks. Is it finally collapsing? (More to do with stopping weeds I think.)
On the Fun and News with Noughts Front those govern-mental consider nhs £25,000,000,000.00p additional funding options. (There are two: 1) Borrow. 2) Tax-rises. There are no other options.) Hammond has ruled-out 1) Borrowing. Ergo we’ll get 2) Tax-rises. Natch other ‘services’ have been told there’s no more £.
Dragging more folk into 40% tax-bracket already hinted at.
Apparently eu folk want to introduce visit-visa’s, at £7.00p a time, for Brits visiting eu after Brexit. What a great idea – a Visit Great Britain visa, for eu folk, could be reasonably priced at £20.00p a time, or, in nhs funding times, £50.00p a time.

Tuesday, 19th June 2018.

Warm early-on for a six-miler plus around local bike-routes.
On the Fun Front other public ‘services’ will be whingeing after the nhs bail. ‘Boffins’ say common-cold cure in ten years. I first heard that in 1960’s!
Mr Bezos (Amazon) is (apparently) richest man with over $140,000,000,000.00c.

Monday, 18th June 2018.

A better pic of me new bike.
Health Check this morning and our nurse is brill. She said, ‘Watch your weight, get a scales from Asda.’
I lost half a stone carrying ’em home!
Mrs C said, “You need to lose weight.” I put thinner strings on me guitar.
Had lettuce and carrots for me lunch. Hearing’s improving… doc.

Sunday, 17th June 2018.

A bit rainy but okay for a short bike-ride to, ahem, test the new velocipede. It’s okay. Loads of quick-shift gears and brakes that work.
Front suspension too.
The old bike was given in February 2012 – it was old then and clogging someone’s shed up.

Saturday, 16th June 2018.

Visitors today that can’t make it tomorrow. (Father’s Day) Bike had puncture and, upon checking, broken spokes. A new bike has been ordered – tonight delivery – that’s a NEW bike!
Pic today taken last week at Elton when Hector was blowing a gale.
New bike tonight.
Old bike >>>

Thursday, 15th June, 2018.

Really windy early-on and a spot or two of rain from Hector, but okay for biking all the way around Elton Reservoir. A new bike-route path touches the res. path at two new wooden gates. Tricky (not impossible) with a bike. Some real waves on the res.
Luckily no rain.

On the way diverted a few yards to Withins Reservoir – the path is dry at moment.