Monday, 10th September 2018.

No rain so an easy five or six biked miles this morning. Plenty of avian wildlife at Elton Reservoir.
Cygnets doing okay and feeders are up nearby – Goldfinch already spotted – Jays too near farm fields.
Mrs C easily does the five miles plus now and gets up most hills.

Wednesday, 5th September 2018.

Fine but very cool early-on and a quick canal/bike-route ride to spot The Flying Scotsman at Bury South. We were just in time, the engine was approaching the level-crossing at Baron Street as we arrived.
It looks great, as ever. A few minutes later Witherslack Hall steamed up.
This too looking good. Two great steam locomotives that’ll be working a local heritage line (E.L.R.) for a few days.
Bike maintenance later.

Sunday, 2nd September 2018.

From Radcliffe Nature Trail (near asda’s) to Ringley Road (Wood Street ‘Station’) to Giants Seat and Clifton Marina. Around the lake then to Prestolee Road and along M/C Canal to Meccano Bridge then along canal back to Radcliffe. About 13 miles in all. Very warm.

Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

Rainy this morning but okay for a few biked miles down Banana Walk, then along canal (Route 6) to Withins Bridge and back. Made it before rain came again. But, later, sun came out. Pic one is of what was Coney Green school – playing field now well overgrown.
Pic two of canal bend just after Withins Bridge. It can’t have changed much, around there, since canal was dug.

Monday, 27th August, 2018.

Solid rain yesterday and so no bike-riding to spot The Flying Scotsman. Ditto today – it’ll be up here again in September, might get a pic or two then.
There’s more ‘talk’, in the papers, about phasing-out the one penny piece. In one south American country they’ve removed umpteen noughts from monetary values to make their currency – The Bolivar I think – viable. Apparently it is working. Can’t they do that here? In the 1970’s a car, say a Cortina, was about £1,500.00p. Now they’re at least £15,000.00p, some are £150,000.00p. The cars aren’t much different, but cash is greatly devalued. Losing a nought might work here too, making the olde penny viable again?
In India (oh yes) they’re currently building what will be the world’s largest statue. It’s of an Indian leader, (called Patel) and is costing well over £220,000,000.00p to build. It’ll be twice as tall as The Statue of Liberty and has taken five years to build. Great what foreign aid can do isn’t it? ‘Bout time we got some!
Apparently folk concerned wanted to ‘kill off’ James Bond so he could re-generate. (Like Dr. Who) It annoyed Mr Boyle too it seems. Unless it was his idea?!