Friday, 20th April 2018.

‘Low water’ at Elton Res this morning and only a few birds at feeders. Not too warm today so ideal for bikes.
Lately tax returns can be filed online at hmrc website. You’re forced to give an e-mail – the huge bog-roll of questions needed to determine how much £ you ‘owe’ won’t unroll without an e-mail. From then on in you’re deluged with hmrc spam asking for payment/to file latest return/to pay £ ‘upfront’. They also spam you with ‘business’ (taxation) ‘advice’. Bearing in mind the (public sector) ‘national debt’ and the yearly deficits, the last folk you need £ advice from are hmrc! Nothing, repeat nothing annoys wealth-creators more than time-wasting harassment for £ or being ‘advised’. An annoyed wealth-creator shuts-up shop and looks for a deck-chair on a sunny beach. Even then e-mails tell you to fill-in a tax-return!

Sunday, 15th April, 2018.

Okay for bike-riding this morning so a look at old railway cutting, from Bury, that’s not yet bike rideable as an extension of Daisyfield Greenway. The blocked-up bridge has been gravelled up top and the track carries-on a bit but is blocked by a large gravel pile.
This track should take us to Black Lane area near Constellation Mill. Railway cutting is well overgrown as yet, pix 1 and 3.

Still busy with work here as yet.