Monday, August 20th 2018.

Quite warm and humid for five or six biked-miles locally. Hills well in the clouds, viewed from Elton Reservoir embankment.
Riding down from there fern hedges are eight feet high along farm tracks. Quite a few Goldfinches about.
Hopefully, Flying Scotsman pictures at weekend. Meanwhile …
This from 2016 visits.

Saturday, 18th August, 2018.

Much cooler for a biked five-miler early on. City of Wells again at Bury South – Flying Scotsman next weekend?
Pic today of Rhubarb growing nicely in a small bed. A bigger one is being readied for next year.
Tropical Storm, Ernesto (?) to cross Britain tonight bringing winds and rain. So what’s new?

Friday, 17th August 2018.

Dull this morning for a Lidl bike-ride for supplies. A full trolley-load fits three large panniers and a frontal basket – one way that food-buying helps with weight-loss. Another lb lighter today – the nurse will think I’m ill when I go for a check-up later this month! Pictured is a lilac-flowered potato plant. This must have grown from peelings as no spuds have been planted for years. But they will grow from peelings easily – really cost-effective.
Pic two is of a bird-seed Sunflower and, next to it, a Dahlia that’s growing bigger daily. A patch is being filled with kitchen compost for a new Rhubarb patch next year.

Sunday, 12th August, 2018.

Drizzly and cool – great for bikes if you don’t hang about – so a ride along roads rather than routes. City of Wells again at Bury South, but rain spots deemed not waiting as it was coaled-up. Witherslack had already gone. (Missed it) Flying Scotsman soon.
New bike far better on hills.
Didn’t take any pics – doh!

Saturday, 11th August 2018.

Sunny but not too warm for five biked miles earlier. A Heron flew alongside a few yards (pic one) – several in fields across canal. Cormorant (or two?) at Elton Reservoir.
Steamers at Bury South – City of Wells (pic two) and, I was told, Witherslack Hall was at sheds getting ready.
Good bike weather and all local routes seem okay – even Nature Trail is mainly dry with just one mud-patch.
Pic three is just ‘the straight bit’ (of canal) returning to Radcliffe after Bank Top Bridge (Scaffolded Bridge) NCR 6.