Monthly Archives: August 2009

Garage No. 10 update…

To update our local mastaba find….

The artifact has been (sympathetically) restored, without destroying most of it, and turns out to be a white-framed Raleigh circa about 1970’s or in that region.

The gear mechs (superbly made Huret)  have been stripped, cleaned and lubricated and work as smoothly as silk, especially the front, even after 20 years in a garage!

The wheels – a bit spoke-loose and fancy-free – have been trued (a bit) and re-tensioned and fitted with some smooth, thin Schwalbe road tyres. Not bad at all for old steel-rimmed stuff with a touch of (understandable) rust.

The Weinman alloy side-pull brakes have been cleaned and re-fitted – with the old, original blocks n.b. and they work just fine.

Headstock bearings are fine. Bottom-bracket was dry so it’s been stripped, lubed and replaced – dead smooth with new bearings.

New, blue handlebar tape has been fitted and soon a new saddle will be added – the old one is serviceable but new will look so much better without losing originality – saddles can be replaced anytime.

A photo of Garage No. 10 will be posted asap.