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Condorosa Country Music

Oh yeah, I like me Country Music. I search the ‘net for good Country sounds – I’ve found many at Soundclick. I’ve shoved a few together onto my Soundclick Station and there’s a link to it in the Links Column just below.

Click the link, then, when page comes up, click Play Hi-Fi – then you can minimise page and player and listen while u surf……….

Oh, not all the Station Artistes are from America…several are British!


Mmmm…give us a brake!

Yes, an interesting li’l ole job came in yesterday (Sat). A very expensive Scott (USA) bike with brakes that were – well, useless.

Left-hand (back) brake lever did not pull and right-hand (front) pulled right in yet had no effect on front wheel!

So the back was checked-out first. The caliper would not adjust (jammed-up) so it was taken off and the (worn) pads removed. Then a squirt of GT85 eased it all up and the back adjuster finally moved. The back inner cable was virtually jammed so that was dragged from the outer and a new – well-oiled – inner was slid (quite easily) through to the back caliper, which was replaced. The cable end was attached to the caliper – with the arm held against the spring, and the lock-nut tightened. The back-adjuster was screwed in – literally as far as it would go – and voila – there was braking resistance! The bike was over 5 years old so new pads may be a slight probo but customer will check-out getting a new set from Scott dealer – then I’ll fit ’em.

Front brake just needed a cable to arm adjustment in order to give good braking resistance at the disc and the bike is now much safer and ok to ride until new pads are supplied.

Disc calipers always respond well to a bit of simple servicing – but always take pads out before applying any kind of easing or lubricating oil to the mechanisms. Adjust the back pad first, then pull the front one in and lock it by tightening the cable. Lever and caliper adjusters should be set in when pulling the cable tight as you tighten the locknut.
Bike disc set-ups are just like a car’s – except some are cable operated and the whole thing is small-scale. So keep pads oil and grease-free – don’t even touch the brake pad surface if at all possible.


Why the suit and all?

Mrs Condor (:)) is an Elvis fan. She goes all over listening to and watching many, many Elvis Impersonators and Tribute acts.
Meself I’d rather just shove an Elvis track or DVD on and watch that! But who am I?………

Anyway, now having a PC herself, Mrs Condor….well, just watch this vid eh? 😀

Erm…no fancy suit…no big-deal stage act…just the words and music – simples eh?

Oh, the weather!

Yikes! It rained hard today. Things were quiet. But that means work can be done on old, worn-out bikes to make ’em rideable again.

I like to strip ’em, take wheels, bottom brackets, chainwheels etc. off and really clean all the parts. Iffy stuff is dumped and new fitted – often with far better quality. Hence the re-done bike is oft better than when new.
A couple of 14″ wheel kiddie-bikes are ready, an old school ‘Universal’ BMX is underway (this’ll be cool when done) with unusual handlebars and a fresh, non-kiddie single-piece crank. New wheels will be fitted and the brakes are old-school stuff that really work – ideal for holding the bike while you hop etc. (Photo of this asap.)
More kiddie bikes on the way………….

Stormy Night?

At another web-site, one with a message-board, a lady Poet likes to write words…I read one poem and thought……..mmmm….cool. She’d written the poem around a photograph taken by a guy that went to that same web-site.
The pic was of a moonlit night….and she called the poem Stormy Night. I added a few words…and a few chords…and a bit of orchy backing…and a ‘Johnny Cash’ type vocal……..and, here it is…..


Old type music………

Years back Country Music was played by ‘orchestra’s’ of all kinds of instruments. Brass, strings, anything. Film music in the 1940’s and 1950’s was nearly all done using Country Orc’s.
Take a little trip back in time…..Country Orc music and some awesome pics…I call the vid Western Skies………….



Bike day tomozz – Tuesday, cool. I like to knock-out a tune now and then too – Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Elvis…even orchestras and a touch of Metal……………shove ’em all together with a geriatric lyric and what d’you get?

Maybe this?

Wrote it a while back!

Mornin’ all!


And a special HI! if you’ve just come from idf50. Hi Cap’n! (and possibly The Boss :)) Check-out the tabs at top of page for a few bikey pics.

There are links below right to son’s Online Bike Shop and other son’s main Gifts portal if you have a minute or two to take a look.

This site is really a bit of fun for a ‘pipe-smoking, bike-riding, Country and Western Fan!’ as me son says



Yes, it’s coming. If you need a bike or bikes we have to order and assemble them well before December 24th!!!!!

So if you need anything in our line it must be ordered well in advance – anytime NOW in fact or we can’t promise to deliver on time.

A bit busy…….

Yes, been a bit busy-ish lately. A couple of bikes – one a gents cheapo ATB and one a ladies – bit more erm…select? sorted and are for sale. Also an oldish, chrome framed BMX, old-school, fully serviced and fitted with some good new bits. See this bike under Skippo No. 2 tag above. This bike is already sold.

On Tuesday a customer asked if we could possibly get and assemble a 16″ wheel boys (kiddie) bike as it was his birthday on Wednesday and they were stuck!

No problems. One was sourced, set-up and the customer picked it up later on Tuesday. Good one eh? 🙂

A mobile bike repair service has been set-up to see if it would work…first job is tomorrow – Friday…………This will mainly be around the South Manchester area – but if we can help you by all means click the link below.