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Kill licence two?

After ten years me driving licence needs an updated picture. I have no real problem with that – except the cost. I don’t mind stumping-up a few quid in the photo-booth; or sitting there like a berk while all of asda watch with a smile.

What bugs me is the smugly nasty, blatant taxation of the £20 licence renewal fee.

“But a licence, and all the data storage malarky that goes with it, costs the government a lot of money”, is  often the index-linked wail………

No, it costs the government nothing. And boy is it a simple problem to fix – treated logically that is.

(Boy do I look anoyed on me new photo!)


I’m shopping on the ‘net at the moment – praying that some bozo nicks me credit-card. It’s up to hilt!


Hard up?

Mmmm….I watched a bit of TV last night. I’m still not overly impressed.

There was this programme where that bloke who saves you £ ‘helped’ a poor, struggling couple to sort out their ailing finances. All well and good till they sort of mention that jointly the couple pull about £40,000 ( whether this was before or after tax – which is a VITAL aspect in this case, wasn’t mentioned as far as I recall)and have two new cars and FOUR expensive motorbikes in the double garage at the £400,000(?) (hilt-mortgaged!)(“Oh, we MUST have!”) home.

But our astute TV money saver came up with a few (basic!) saving ideas and they could save (on paper) about £4,000 to £7,000 per annum – thus, in a couple of years losing a £13,000 credit-card debt.

What will happen to this couple?

Oh, they’ll do a bit of saving for a few months….then decide they deserve £5,000’s worth of foreign holiday and end up in the same boat that they’re in now.

The money-saver? He couldn’t care less – he’s sold his TV program series.

To some in the North-West (that actually work) £40,000 as FIVE YEAR income would be appreciated…..

But, how the hell would money-saver ‘save’ out of a pittance like that?

(My ‘Evaluation’ download would have possibly saved them more as the taxation aspect – although a huge factor in finance – wasn’t mentioned)


Also watched part of a funny programme called, “Questiontime”. Mmmm…if I was from another planet I might find public-sector squabbling about why the country was skint interesting……but after a boring night watching NCIS, Numbers FBI, Silent Witness, CIA,  CSI Miami, and other (fictional?) public-sector heroics, I retired, yawning, to bed….

…well, these days, I find, making just ONE POUND real profit so difficult that it’s actually EXCITING.



Y’know, some kids just hang around….waitin’ for…something. But one or two………….

….things like this start with Days That Never Happen…… isn’t the chords or the tune………
It’s the spirit.


My Fair Lady at Heywood!

For fans of musicals – Heywood Operatic and Amatuer Dramatic Society are staging My Fair Lady from March 2nd 2010 to March 6th 2010 at Heywood Civic Hall.

It’ll be good! Contact Heywood Civic Hall for tickets!

I could have danced all night! and plenty more well known Stage songs!


Get a Grip!

BMX and ATB grips in stock.  ATB’s from £5, BMX’s from £5. Some in that are a bit dearer for BMX all BMX are bolt-on’s and really soft.


For 8 speed ATB’s I’ve a pair of used but perfect Shimano quickshifters – the ones with brake levers built in. Can fit, with new inner cables and grips for £40 the pair – gears & brakes adjusted at same time! They’re on very lightweight ally bars and another £5 gets you those too!.


Meanwhile; keep an eye out on TUESDAYS for us at Radcliffe Market – and possibly FRIDAYS. We will be back there ASAP.  But, if you’re stuck for stuff e-mail us direct via this site.

BMX Tyres???

We do a few. Got a pair of ‘smoothies’ in – good wrap around tread…but low pressure tyres – 40lb I think – ok for general riding.

Can do pair for £15.

Fitted nothing less than £60 – plus any additional parts!


20″ and some 26″ Tubes in stock…………just e-mail us if you’re stuck. In fact, most sizes in stock…………..

We’ll do tubes for £4 till end trading year (April 4th) then we ‘ll have to re-price.



…yes, we’ve got loads! We’re only taking a break!

Matt black front wheel. Promax disc & q/r. Used but as new. £20 plus local delivery.

Matt black front wheel. Promax disc & q/r. Used but as new. £20 plus local delivery.

This is a pre-used Matt Black Front wheel for a standard ATB bike (26″ wheel) It has quick-release axle and a Promax Brake Disc. It is literally as new.

Price £20

I’ve a couple of NEW rear wheels in stock – 26″ standard wheels in aluminium, with standard wheel-nut fixings.

NEW rear wheel Price £25

With tyre, tube, 6 or 7 speed block £55


Also in stock a pair of 26″ x 1 and 1/4″ roady tyres. Schwalbe’s, with Puncture Protection.

Can do pair for £30.