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Blue Skies?

As a little respite (again?) from money with noughts – here’s a superb pic from lakelandcam. There’s a link to the site just below.

Apparently, according to beeb news – site, at the recent labour party conference in Wales (??) the Welsh first minister (?) said,

“We need to enlarge the Private Sector in Wales…” and, “…the trick for Wales in the future is to grow our Private Sector…”

Apparently the delegates nodded, then sat quietly – ever bewildered, ever perplexed…faced (for them)ย  with the sheer impossible! Well, to grow that sector you gotta SHRINK the other one…oooooh, no votes there eh?


Not to worry, Spring is on it’s way – bringing, as in the photograph, more blue skies perhaps.



Just a little respite from all this talk of money and figures with umpteen noughts…

iTunes report that the 10,000,000,000 th tune downloaded from their site was:ย  Guess Things Happen This Way by Johnny Cash.

On the latest Johnny Cash album he sings a really cool, For The Good Times – amongst other good stuff.


New thinking due?

Mmmm…the Mail tells of the 2,000 plus uni lecturers that (suddenly?) earn more than ยฃ100,000 per (school? year),ย  plus of course the dear old pension.

Hey, don’t get me wrong.ย  I’m all for good wages….but some of these lecturers MUST teach economics………

………which, in a way, might explain things. I suppose.

But George…

Lloyds were down ยฃ6.3 billion.


At the beeb the shadow chancellor says that bankers pay ‘is way out of kilter’ with everyone elses’.

Aw,ย  it must be tough watching all those bankers take home millions while only getting a few grand ones-self! Then again George, it could be YOUR pay that’s out of kilter….but it’s oh, so hard ‘going Private’ isn’t it?


And Wigan Council have a dilema…should they splash-out ยฃ27,000 that they haven’t got on a second car for their mayor?

It depends, Wigan, on his/her age. If old enough get him/her a Bus-Pass! Wot’s good for the goose! And what about scrappage? Or second-hand?


Iberia, Spain’s airline, has reported a ยฃ240,000,000 loss for 2009. It says that it will merge with British Airways. Gee thanks eh?


And the beeb, apparently, is going to be ‘cut-back’ a bit in order to ‘save’ ยฃ600,000,000.

Does that mean the government need our licence fees for summat else? If so – what?


Amatuer business folks – always a laff.

Don’t bite the hand…

In this day and age it must be really comforting to know that your business – well, your ’employer’, simply cannot go out of business. Whatever happens. Come rain, come shine, there is a bottomless pot of erm, well not exactly gold, they got rid of that cheap years agoย  – but certainly cash, to prop things up when it all goes wrong.

Last year they lost over ยฃ24,000,000,000, this year a mere ยฃ3.6 billion…next year, they say, they’ll run at a Profit.

How nice to be able to choose eh?

Most businesses would (happily!) go to the wall when O/D got to a few grand. (damage limitation).

But not so R.B.S.

They’re funded by British Taxpayers (who isn’t these days?) – and WILL be paying bonuses this year!

Amatuer business folks…. (not) providing YOUR mortgage!?


Apparently the councils have kept council-tax rises down a bit – under inflation – (which could be anything at the moment),ย  so that’s encouraging.

But what has always bugged me is this: If I do a job for someone I get paid when the job is done and the ‘customer’ is happy with the job – OK? Simples really isn’t it?

So you’d expect councils, of all people, to work in the same way, yes?

So why do we pay our rates bills ‘in advance’? i.e. BEFORE we see the results of the work we pay for?

Amatuer business…’s all Greek to me……………….



I read in some Daily rag that the government – ever strapped – are to implement a 50p tax to raise funds that will improve Broadband.

My Broadband is fine – plenty fast enough for these old and slow fingers to type a few words and upload the odd pic. So what’s the deal?

Well, it doesn’t take a genius does it?

Is the TV licence tax spent on TV programmes?

Is our road tax spent on roads?

Conversely;ย  can anyone put their finger on a ‘government tax’ ? Or ‘loan repayment tax’ ?

Looking forward I can already see the Information Highway tattered into a maze ofย  government self-promotion and,ย  of course,ย  potholes!



Yes, a frosty Monday yet again and things being quietish I took a trip to Lakeland to see the sights.

Stunning stuff as usual, but I kind of like this one this morning…it seems to remind me of something….can’t put my finger on it though…

Anyway, thanks, as ever, to lakelandcam for another week of brill Lake District pictures. (Check out the link, middle column)

Despite the frost a few seeds planted last week have fruited and already there is sunshine on this otherwise bleak, midwinter Monday.

GOT IT!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

There WILL be an election later this year!

Great photo eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

January ails!

Yep, the pundits have realised what traders have known for weeks – January was a retail nightmare – even the government had to borrow this January; something not done for ten years or more!

ยฃ4.3billion was it?

That should keep ’em going for a week or two………..


(Never mind, election soon – I pity the poor sod as wins it! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

This very glossy magazine arrived today by post…erm, that’s ‘unsolicited’ in my book – it’s called enforbusiness and it’s all about entrepreneurs – whatever that or they might be.

Mmm…Julie Meyer…that name seems to ring a bell somewhere…

Anyway, it’s a nice, colourfull Ad Mag – surprising what you can do with a good DTP program these days.

The mag looks ok – if you’re into that kinda thing but it does cost ยฃ35 for a years subscription and they don’t say how many copies that entails – is it one a month, one a quarter or just ONE A YEAR (ooooh! nice try Julie!) ๐Ÿ™‚

But, sorry, I got a living to pull – and I don’t have access to any ‘free money’ย  (Martin!!) so getting ยฃ35 to spare is like finding five loaves and two fishes….

….but I find them, every week.

So my ‘Letters’ cost TEN TIMES what your mag does……….. not a glossy ad. in sight mind!

Sorry, before you ask, I don’t write, or advertise,ย  for anyone else – because that wouldn’t be entrepreneurial would it?.