Oh! Heaven!

A great number in the Mail today! Eleven noughts!!! Oh! RAPTURE! Here it is:
£1,200,000,000,000 !!!??? If I put the ‘pence’ noughts on there would be thirteen noughts!!

And that is just our latest public sector pension commitment figure. It’s an estimate yes, but a very realistic one apparently.

Ah well. Back to work.

🙂 🙂

Yesterday, determined to get onto the public-sector payroll, I ventured jobcentreplus – the online jobbo – and delved the local jobs. There were two or three jobs for binmen at Bury and at Harper Fold – which is only a short bike-ride away!
Dreams of imminent wealth and Gold-Plated Pension evaporated however as ALL of these job listings stated ( and I quote verbatim): “Do not apply unless you have experience of emptying bins.”


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