Sorry but, gotta laugh haven’t you? Just had a quick peep at beeb site and within minutes was falling off me chair!
Apparently 95, yes, that’s ninety-five, erm…Employment Relations Experts (yes, I typed that correctly!) have accused BA’s boss – Mr. Walsh – of ‘union-busting’. The ‘experts’ are from various universities ( I read) including Oxford.

Ahhhh! The p-s is on form this morning!!!

🙂 🙂

And The National (that’s British folks!) Lottery is now owned by Canada! Well, a Canadian investment firm – well, a Canadian Pension Fund…well the pension fund for Canadian teachers…in other words…yep…p-s!!!
Camelot can’t be arsed any longer and pulled £389,000,000 for the Lottery – well, the lottery itself is one thing…the vital bit is the government licence to actually run it, and that has still got quite a few years to run…

More importantly: Well done Sir Chris Hoy on winning Britain’s first World Track Cycling Championship GOLD at Denmark.
That type of bike still looks iffy to me!

Nice one!

Mmmm…later in the year, June I think, The Times and The Sunday Times are going to charge folk for access to their websites. £1 per day or £2 for a week’s subscription.
Interesting that one. Novel. Of course I couldn’t do that as no one actually comes here – except S.Pam, whoever that is.
Mind you…this is the P-S…and here there is no such a thing as ‘can’t’! I’ll kick-off @ £3 per week!
Such cheapskates at The Times!


GAWD! I thought I was down the local chippy when I read,”…europe bails-out Greece…”
My mistake!


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