Ahhh! Weekend!

Yeeesss! Saturday, time for a break from Cash Generation!

There have been some great numbers about this week – mainly, of course, because of the p-s budget – sadly all of the numbers have been NEGATIVES…i.e. debts!
They don’t have ‘a budget’ in the P-S – don’t need one; get it wrong there boyo and it’s bye-bye time and orf you go to the p-s dole-queue!
But, it’s weekend so me having a break…oh well done British cyclists again – they got Silver in Team Pursuit – very well done Australia! They won it! (I could have beat the lot of ’em on me old Raleigh! I wish!!!)
Here’s a vid, bit noisy this one, for Bev & Robyn in S.A.

Have a good one folks!

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