Mmmm…deals on wheels?

Geely, the Chinese car-maker, are to buy Volvo apparently, from Fords. The price? $1,800,000,000 or £1,200,000,000. (Isn’t it strange how the difference between $ and £ is now almost gone!? – at one time ‘a dollar’ in GB meant five bob (five shillings) or 25 new pence nowadays – which meant four dollars to a pound!)
Ford will lose about £5,000,000,000 on buying & selling Volvo. I used to like Volvo’s – I’ve had several. But, to be honest, who needs one? To be even more honest…who really NEEDS any damned car?
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Keep an eye on Road Haulage. Fuel prices are again on the minds of the 1,000,000 folk currently employed in Road Haulage industry. British diesel is, before duty (tax), the cheapest, yet the most expensive after. Hauliers are getting shirty again…and who can blame them?
No lorries = No food. Stark eh?
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I read somewhere that Boots are one of the ‘elite’ profit makers, pulling, it seems, £1,000,000,000 or more in a single trading year. Sadly debts there are about £9,000,000,000.
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So far this trading year (tax year that is 🙁 ) BA have lost £340,000,000 or more. By tax-years end that may be closer to £500,000,000. (Tax rebate from last years £70,000,000 profit? mmm…maybe; anyway, back to this years results.) But, rumour, in the deep echelons of the P-S, pervades, that a tiny, sole-trading business, with NO bail-out cash, NO overdraft facility, not even a bloody bank-account come to that! No employees, no premises, definitely NO BONUS for the CEO!!! – NOTHING in fact;
made more £ than British Airways during this tax-year.
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I had a slight giggle earlier when delving James Martin’s Motoring blog at the Mail. Normally it’s the domain of petrol-heads dependent on anything ‘F1’ that’s allowed on a normal road. Today I note the featured vehicle is a Ford Transit van! A sign of the times perhaps, but at least it’s called a ‘SportVan’… 🙂 …and, you could ship a shedload of erm…pies?… in one o’ them James! Dive in chuck, stuff the ego eh?

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