EN for Business…again?

Yes, it arrived today by post. EN for Business is a glossy (very glossy!) magazine for ‘entrepreneurs’. I got one in February too and, to do my bit for these folks, I gave ’em a link. (…mmm…wonder if they noticed? Doubt it.)
Anyway the mag is fine – if you like that sort of thing. Generally in mags like this the idea is to chuck say £50,000…no, let’s get real, say £500,000 at some business idea, and make a wedge in return. This is fine. The problem is – there aren’t too many ordinary folk on the dole able to punt that kind of dosh! Not without the word ‘BORROW’ entering the equation! And we all know what doing that entails lately!

So, me being a simple old lag at the game, prefer to call this kind of business-person an ‘investor’ rather than an entrepreneur. An investor simply invests a bit of his capital to get a return. Great. No problems there.

But an entrepreneur…ahhhh, a slightly different breed. One much rarer. For the true entrepreneur starts with a capital sum of…
£0 and takes it from there! No capital. No borrowing.

Now, an article in ANY magazine showing how to SURVIVE (let alone make say £5million?) from that stand-point, would be greatly illuminating – not just for the already-heeled investors – but for a whole army of those wishing dearly to become one – I’d say about 75% of the unemployed register! Conservatively! (Possibly, depending on who’s figures you believe, that could be about 7,500,000 people.)

I have read, somewhere, that, apparently, even the blogged words of true entrepreneurs are valued more than gold itself…as they invariably encapsulate the true concept of entrepreneurialism – which is of course ‘Marketing’ – or, more understandably – the creation of a ‘market’ where none before existed.

Thus, as an entrepreneur I must, when envisaging a particular venture therefore, be able to test my idea(s) for validity. So I simply ask myself:

1) Q: Will my ‘product’ (in this case an ‘article’ on nil-start money-making) create for itself a reasonable ‘market’?

1) A: Yes, the market is already there but unsatisfied! (Well, no one is signing-off in droves are they!!)

2) Q: What is the product cost?

2) A: To me…bog all. (Total NIL start!)

3) Q: What is the potential return?

3) A: Top-line 7,500,000 additional copies of EN for Business sold in one month @ £3.50 per copy = £26,250,000.00p. (Advert revenue from 7,500,000, or far more, website ‘hits’ would cover pipe-fodder costs!)

The ‘article’ could be serialized over say ten (10) magazine copies, that’s a potential £262,500,000.00p in INCREASED sales (not total sales)

After copy ONE the ‘unemployed’ would be loaded (thus bailing-out GB ‘Retail’) and could afford it! Thus too paying tax (rather than taking it!). The p-s deficit at last being nibbled at!

There is too the minor consideration of my fee for the said article.
Well, I could do SECOND Serial Rights for…ooooh,….£5,000,000…just, you understand, so that I can write this at it’s end…


**Often, but not always, entrepreneurial effort benefits huge numbers of people. The effort of investors is of great benefit but on a more ‘personal’ level.**


Copyright DJB/Condor 31-3-2010.

P.S. Erm, EN, save a cheque…(cough!)…PayPal?

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