Past lesson?

There they stand – the worlds greatest monument to the human ego. They are quite brilliant none-the-less, and I have spent many, many hours reading about, pondering about and trying to figure out – just what they were for.
Tombs? Well, no, it really doesn’t look like it. When built they didn’t stand alone, as they are now, they were part of what appear to be ‘temple’ or ‘civic’ complexes; where the elite hung-out.
Later, Egytian temples and civic buildings were far more like the ones we would probably build – the problem with pyramids, of solid stone blocks as these, is: we couldn’t really build one today. No one knows how. Indeed building certain massive temples, adding to them by successive Pharoahs, actually bankrupted Egypt more than once in it’s ancient history. Such is ego. A driving-force to be wary of.
Not that ego plays a part today.
Oh no.
The really big pyramid is awesome. It has features the others just try to emmulate – but usually fail. Yet archaeologists tell us it wasn’t the first built.
Of course later the Egyptian ‘priesthood’ etc. became a major sector, with committee’s and inspectorates that began to oversee the massive temple construction sites – more chiefs than indians became the byword.
We, of course, wouldn’t do that now.
In those days a 3,000,000,000 loaf committee-costing for a temple that actually cost 9,325,000,000 loaves was just one of the factors that bust Egypt. Despite (or was it because of?) they too having Public Accounts Committee’s and Temple Delivery Committee’s. With some other committee deciding that the temple complex would raise some 600,000,000 loaves from sales revenues.
We, of course, simply wouldn’t do that now.

Would we?

(Source: The British Broadcasting Committee? website)

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