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Green Bank??

Mmm…plans for a ‘Green Bank’….the government shove £2,000,000,000 in and Private Investment also puts in…then, together, they fund Wind-Farms, Rail-Links, Nuclear-Power-Stations….y’know, all the big stuff….
Sorry, nice try, seen it all before old chucks. Not so green here!
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Also there are government plans to provide ‘Broadband for all!!’

What on earth for?
If you want it you can get it…where’s the problem?
There was a time when you might see an advert like this:
‘Make £1 MILLION in 3 YEARS! Our Booklet shows how!’

Now they write:
‘Make £1 MILLION in 3 YEARS! Get a council job!’

Not that I mind ANYONE earning £1 Million….the problem I have is….

Ahhh! Sort that hol. eh?

It was cold, misty and damp this morning here in Radcliffe. In such weather thoughts can turn to summer sun – yet to come this year! We hope that is! 🙂
Not sure where to go for a summer holiday…?
Mmmm…wotch this, then check-out the brochures or the ‘sites!

Got a few ideas now?



I’ve just seen a great number at the Mail site! WOW! Apparently the government’s Pubic Sector Pensions liability is…….


That’s nine hundred billion pounds folks. And, also apparently, public-sector debt is mounting at £300,000 per minute.
(Sources Mail & Moneymail)

Y’know, the intriguing thing is, no one saw this lot coming….well, that’s not strictly true…but therein is another story!


Early Spring @ Lakeland.

Some stunning pics – as ever – from Tony @ The ‘Beacon’ pics are from the ‘wall of light’ – Hadrian’s Wall, taken during last week.
Spring is (maybe!?) arriving…have a good weekend folks!
There’s a link to Lakelandcam…on the right…photo locations etc, are there.

Turnover v Profit.

Well done Tony! (erm, Blair that is) …on pulling £20,000,000 since 2007. Surely a great result eh?
Well, it reminds me a bit of Market-Trader Arnold Barnthwaite who, got isself a Tranny, then motored all over the place floggin’ bog-rolls and Rim-Flush-Refills – gawd he pulled a fortune and no shit! Some close to Arnie reckon he pulled £10,000 per year from this….sadly, after tax, deisel, stock loan repayments, insurance, stall-rents, MOT, tyre-bills, and a small-roomfull of other costs – he actually LOST about £3,000 a year. 🙁

Stories, like Tony’s above are great…but, often, it depends on who writes ’em!
(Story source – Mail)


Mmmm, some tasty figures about re the Nissan Car Plant at Sunderland. They’ll be making the new ‘Leaf’ lecky car shortly. Funded (! you might well cringe!) by a garage-load of tax-payer cash (that we haven’t got?!) and cash from European tax-payers – well that’s how I read it.

The plant will ‘safeguard’ about 4,500 jobs directly with a further 20,000 reliant (ah! those were the days! The old Robin eh? 🙂 ) on those.

UK government are stumping-up £20,700,000 with a further £197,300,000 coming from the European Investment Bank. Mmmm….how cosy for Nissan eh? They expect to make and flog about 50,000 Leaf’s initially – they’re battery driven – so have a limited drive-range and will need constant re-charging. So 50,000 bods will be plugging into the lecky grid night and day to keep mobile. (Can’t locate ‘Range’ figures.) (Can’t locate ‘Battery-Life’ figures.) (Can’t locate ‘Price’ figures) but there will be a £5,000 discount off price for buyers going lecky.
Mmmm…again, this old memory of mine harks back to the g(l)ory days of British Leyland….as far as I recall it never really made a cent – and cost us dear….this time the government (Mandy!?) has apparently set aside a swift £2,300,000,000 to assist ‘the car industry’.
Last year Nissan took a £380,000,000 loan from E.I.B. All well and good, but I thought firms were in business to MAKE a bit of cash – not just borrow it.
…and, in these heady days of borrowing both Private and public – where will 50,000 customers be found – eager and willing to punt?
********** ************ ************
I read yesterday of Small-Business Owner(s) faced with dramatically increasing bank charges etc. One such was worried that, after 14 years of business, her small-business overdraft of £40,000, was now costing a fortune!

Mmmm….erm…Profit…it’s not ILLEGAL y’know!


Marketing. The unknown ideal.

(Story sources beeb & Mail web-sites.)

Norty figures…

Ooooh! Public borrowing last month was up by £12,400,000,000 ! Gawd! Ocean Finance are really rakin’ it in!
And, due to the public sector ‘job’ increases, (126 per day last year!) the total public sector work-force is now a colossal; 6,090,000!
Sadly, the sector actually paying for all this actually shrank last year by 1440 jobs per day. Well, part paying for it.


She does the money malarky for the beeb website. Stephanie…erm…anyway, she wrote today of ‘unemployment’ and employment.
Interestingly, at the end of the blog she wrote:
“…during last september to december public sector employment rose by 7,000, while Private Sector employment fell by 61,000 (!) – with jobs already under threat at town halls, a trend that must soon end?” (or summat like that)

Yes Steph. And not just town hall ‘public-sector’ staff. Rumour pervades that the beeb website is erm…surplus to erm…requirements…ooooh! Still, surely an economics guru will be ok.

The Mail also publishes unemployment trivia…8,160,000 people now ‘economically inactive’… 🙂

…which is, the Mail says, 21.5% of the working population.

That, in non-economist speak is a FIFTH! One in f…..FIVE!!!!

Time for economies Steph? Like YOUR salary?

Tough decision eh?
You see, after YEARS or real economics, I always know, that public-sector ‘cuts’ are okay – so long as they happen to someone else. That’s why they never happen. Just the opposite in fact.

Bad winter?

The beeb site reckons the bad weather earlier this year cost small businesses around £7,300,000,000. I can believe this. Personally I watched general sales drop to a TOTAL NIL in January. Last year January was one of our BEST months.
In the main our trade is very much of the ‘leisure’ industry type, so we expect a hit in bad times.
But, as massive public deficits plague ALL businesses – a watchful eye on food suppliers – especially road transporters of the stuff – is a word to the wise as tax is ever clawed back via oil derivatives and other road fuels. E.g. petrol will cost!!! very shortly!

Ooops! My mistake!

‘Government launches Free Money Helpline’…Yes, I was strangely drawn by such a headline today too! – of course it should read, ‘Government launches Free, Money Helpline.’ And, yes, the service – advice about money – from the… erm, government…is well, free.
Now, I’m all for this, but a teeny-weeny alarm-bell is just gently tinkling in moi ear-hole…if I ask for and take government advice re: money….do I end up in major debt?
Not to worry too much…last month’s mortgage borrowing SLUMPED (DM!) to a measly £9,100,000,000!!!!!!

The really FUN thing here is – most well-known financial pundits were WORRIED by this!