Misguided. That’s the polite term used for folk that bugger things up. And, next week should see in the first budget ‘designed’ (?) to cut costs and ease a massive deficit in the public-sector.
I read this morning that libdem man – that nice Mr. Russell – is worried that the budget may affect “…the poor and disadvantaged…”

(Fear not Mr. Russell, the Self -Employed will struggle on regardless!)

Mr. Russell says he’d like, “…assurances that this government will protect the poor – particularly 3.9 miilion children who are below the poverty-line.”

At the moment every child in this country is below the poverty-line and then some!

But fear not! I also read that for new company start-ups, the first ten new employees, will pay no n.i. for the first year.

Wow! That measure alone should totally invigorate the Private Sector into glorious and deficit-obliterating action.


Misguided see.


Take a look at that n.i. ‘measure’ above. It presupposes that someone else will do the actual ‘starting-up’.
How refreshing it would be to read, that some m.p. somewhere actually practised what he or she preached; gave-up the cushy work-or-play lottery-win-sized funded income for life and opted for ‘poor and disadvantaged’. How nice, in fact, to have such a choice – as some of us here simply do not.

I read all the time the comments at reply-boards that say, in various ways, ” We need more (Private-Sector) jobs!!”

Of course. You can never have too many. But again, the misguided search in vain for that mystical ‘someone-else’, able to create/provide those jobs.

Yet, really, creating such in the abundance suggested by our esteemed but misguided(?) budget writers (‘..the first ten…’) is not in any way neccessary.

To totally reverse the fortunes of this country, surely, any new? job-creator need create only one job.

His or her own.

If he or she gets busy and needs a hand, well, that’s how new (Private Sector) jobs are created.

Simples eh?

The first thing you do is write to your tax-office and tell them that you intend to set-up as Self-Employed. Every benefit, every cent, will cease. You’ll get a huge bagfull of bumf about tax to wade through – informing you – right at the outset – of the ‘fines’ for non-compliance and evasion, the jail-terms for employing illegals on the side. What you get for a class 2 n.i. stamp (bog-all) and when you have to pay class 4 as well. You also get a tax-office cd that’ll probably wipe the drive on your pc (or worse!!). etc.
All this is doubly frightening when you suddenly realise that it’s you that pays for it all!

And you probably smiled when I wrote alluding to the Self-Employed being ‘poor and disadvantaged’!

Ah, but then, you were (probably) one of the misguided.

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