Gassed up?

I was immediately drawn to the Russia/Belarus gas-cutting-off-story in the beeb today.
Russia is cutting the gas-supply to Belarus because of non-payment of gas-bills. The Russian President has said, ” Gazprom cannot accept debt payment in anything, be it pies, butter or cheese…”

Ooooh! I’m off to Oxfam to get something woolly and warm for winter – well, do we actually make anything in gb? Not that it would be the slightest use in the real world. To pay gas-bills you need cash. And to generate that you need……………

(“Try our authentic Belarusian foods wherever you are with a Belarusian Pie Pack. Each pack contains four Belarusian Pies – with FREE Butter and Cheese!
Also included is a 20 page booklet entitled: ‘Making pies the Belarusian way’. Yes, learn the secrets of cooking without gas! Special introductory offer: Four Pie Pack just 50 Roubles inc. P&P.”)

………..Marketers. But they don’t exist do they?

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On the home front in the Mail, Ossie says,”…I want to support the person who leaves their house at six or seven in the morning, goes out and does perhaps a low paid job in order to provide for their family and is incredibly frustrated when they see on the other side of the street the blinds pulled down and someone sitting there and living on a life on out-of-work benefits….”

I did just that for 50 years Os. It’s great. But now, who will provide (even) that low-paid job? And who, right-mindedly, can knowingly graft all hours just to render his/her family up to the eyeballs in credit-card(?) debt after about half of said ‘low-pay’ is forcibly confiscated by one tax after another.

Meanwhile, I sit, with the blinds pulled down so I can see me monitor, struggling to pull a £ from a national market without any buying-power.
Yet certain folk whinge and argue about lottery-win-sized ‘expenses’ and trillion pound ‘pension’ back-holes…

Why not Os, practise what you preach eh? See you down the car-boots sunshine – they kick-off at six………nice to have your support.
Benefits? Nah! Too complicated old chuck!
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Apparently The Church of England (oh yes, capital letters!) is going to sell-off its BP shares…
Their spokesman left the order to sell, carved onto stone tablets, that were placed on a mountain.
The area is being searched for any ‘BUY!’ tablets – so far, apparently, without success.

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