Budget Day.

It is indeed. Today’s the day when those of us that have to set Price – as a business concept – do so for the next public-sector ‘year’.
The thing is; Price is impossible to set without a year’s data about various other business concepts. One such concept is taxation and today the public-sectors financial leader will spell-out the new taxation levels to be imposed on both the public and Private sectors. Once this data is in – later today – I can again ‘set my Price’ for any work that I need do. It is, in effect, a task with a set formula and is quite straight-forward. It is in no way any form of ‘crisis’.
But, as ever, since I can remember, every single public-sector budget-setter has had a ‘crisis’ set of figures to deal with – like a pre-set scape-goat for the (surety of) failure to come.
But so far, none have ever, as far as I can recall, used the formula; prefering, it seems, the iffy modus of luck.
Nick Robinson of the beeb says today at the site, “Some good news has emerged from the treasury tonight. The budget will take 880,000 (people) out of the tax system.”
Their share, then Nick, will be paid-for by ‘someone else’?
Luckily this only refers to the ‘income-tax’ part of the system. They still have to buy a tv licence! (Oooooh! Can’t cut that!!)
Good news sunshine is, as you now see, relative.
By the way Nick, shouldn’t you be at South Africa, Wimbledon or Glastonbury this week? Everyone else is – it seems.
A small job via Thomson today…………….and now Price can be reasonably set.
Watch unemployment figures. Vat and vat rises are major cause – always have been.They hit everyone.

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  1. Condor

    Yep. Note that unless you’re in full-time work and/or very busy in own business, the first point is meaningless. The second hits everyone but is more on a par with other eu regimes.


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