All over!

Well, that’s it. All that gloom and doom was mainly to get that 20% vat measure in (eu parity?) and to lower significantly the 40% tax-rate limit; the day when all pay at this higher rate is probably already ear-marked!!
The other stuff was smokescreen. And, so far, not a ‘cut’ in sight! Oh, there are plenty talked about but they’re for later. A good strike or two should water them down a bit. So no cuts in the size of government i.e. actual numbers of persons ’employed’ directly by government.
Result of all this?
Nothing. Higher revenues cancelled-out by company closures and job-losses. Less services for the same – or even MORE money = the standard method of devaluation that’s been happening for years.
Anyway, gotta go. I’m on the lookout for a job paying less than £7,500. They’ll be like gold now – no income tax and a shedload of tax-credit! Oooh! I never thought, I’ve already got one of those!

All this stuff is supposed to rid us of the deficit in about five years. So, if that works, will the various ’emergency budget’ measures be rescinded?
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The next ‘crisis’ will be water. Already the mail has before and after pictures of some obscure ‘river’ that, due to a days hot weather, has apparently dried-up.
It’ll only be a ‘mini’ crisis compared to the deficit crisis but may well result in many sheep actually begging the ‘water-companies’ to raise their charges! (water-rates).

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