Watered down?

As mentioned yesterday the next crisis will be ‘water’ and, due to a dearth of crisis, the mail has already started on it.
The problem is, as you can see in the photo, the extra distance you have to trudge in order to dump that bike or asda trolley. A real downer!
Not to mention the hardship encountered by folk that have to fish-out those weed-covered bikes, do ’em up and eventually flog ’em!
Mind you, things will be made easier – a lot less plod about I read!
The mail also has an article telling us that a family with an income of £50,000 and one with an income of £100,000 will both be worse-off by about £700.00p – is this fair?
‘Fair’ doesn’t enter into it. The £100,000 family may be the £50,000 family’s employers!!! who may be employing scores of £50,000 families! At todays tax levels providing employment is on a knife-edge….one false move………………
Steph at the beeb writes today:
“I’m sitting in the bowels of the University of London building listening to Robert Chote dissect Mr. Osbornes Budget….”
Were there no tax-funded meal tickets no one would sit, or listen, or dissect or budget and, no bowels.
…yet they want to cut Policemen, Nurses, Bin-Men, Doctors perhaps….
Bistoicus Tramicus!
No water-shortage in Singapore it seems.

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