Better late than never the beeb site finally mentions the ‘up-and-coming’ crisis of a water shortage. It’s usually worst in the north and united utilities (no, they don’t warrant capital letters) are already applying for legal powers to impost hose-pipe-bans. Apparently, at the beeb site, the reason for the shortage (no, not too many taps) is that they – the water companies – do not have any aquifers – underground water storage facilities.

In other words building such has never been contemplated and Pricing such into bills, over the years (a few pence per bill?) has never been done, or we would have had aquifers.

So therein methinks is goodly excuse for massive water-bill Price hikes anytime now – ‘…to fund some aquifers…and we’ve not had a pay-rise for oooh…six months…’

Again Bistoicus Tramicus rears – despite the apparent intent of the newly more-or-less elected! How luxurious is the public path – with it’s sheer contempt of basic business and it’s reliance on ‘pay‘ regardless!

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