Coming, to an airfield near you…

The mail’s car pundits and ‘testers’ all seem to label the various electric cars as…well, rubbish to be honest. Yet today further tax-payer funding for Vauxhall’s (GM) electric attempt is unveiled at the mail’s site. The tax-payers will too, it seems, fund the installation of umpteen ‘charging-points’ around the country and somehow the cars will be subsidised to the tune of £5,000 apiece. The Vauxhall car to be made in GB costs about £25,000.00p and some poll suggests that 1 in 8 New-Car buyers will buy early to evade the new vat levels…
Recently Nissan also got a similar tax-funded bribe.
Strangely, I once again see airfields, rather than our roads, full of these iffy electric wannabe’s.
(Meanwhile Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston-Martin struggle against their ‘Waiting-Lists’.)
I can only use the one word – ‘Misguided’ followed by the wail of the easily led flock…….
That nice Mr. Duncan-Smith suggests that tax-payer-funded folk upsticks and move from council-funded homes in order to ‘go Private’ and actually earn a living where there is work.
Many would love to do that Mr. S. But what happens to the council-house they leave behind? And, shouldn’t you then have to practise what you preach?
But, on a more upbeat note, it’s really nice having politicians that actually admit that in some areas there really are NO JOBS
Real bummer that eh?
Peter Hitchens, at the mail, has finally got the message about the ‘Cuts Crisis’.
Wonder if he was illumed so suddenly from here? He’ll be writing the word: Baaaaa! next!
Still, better late than never – but do try to keep-up chuck!
Robert Peston at the beeb writes:
“At issue are three different but related prophylactic measures for the banks, that are being prepared by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, for eventual agreement towards the end of this year by the G20.
They are:
1) How much pure loss-absorbing capital should be held by banks in proportion to a risk-weighted measure of their assets?
2) How little of banks’ finance should come from unreliable short-term wholesale sources?
3) How binding should a backstop “leverage” rule be, that would put a ceiling on each banks’ gross unweighted assets as a multiple of their core equity capital?”
Ah! The public-sector! (Where, apparently, 46 government web-sites have cost £94,000,000.00p to build with £32,000,000.00p staffing costs)
Anyway, back to Atlas Shrugged, it’s really good. It sort of explains wot that nice Mr. Peston is on about!

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