The Borrowers?

Apparently those naughty bankers are going to be forced to keep large stocks of ‘good-quality’ cash around in order that another banking-crisis can be avoided. They say that doing that will saddle them with another ¬£4,000,000,000,000.00p in yearly costs!
So it looks like banks will price themselves off the market for most folk making cash once again king.
And, The Borrowers above will know just where to look for that swift few ¬£trillion when the pot runs dry…….they’ve already ear-marked a banking super-tax for instant oblivion.
(Apparently this Canadian shindig will instantly obliviate about $1,000,000,000.00c by the time they’ve done. Frightenin’ eh?)
Yet Steph at the beeb reads all sorts of ‘common-sense’ into it.
Ahhhh, the funded life.
And Ossie is after all those naughty incapacity benefits cheats by having umpteen ‘fitness’ checks all the time. He’s looking to save ¬£millions by doing this………so ahem, will our income-tax actually be reduced as a result?
It’s doubtfull – the cost of doing all this might even render the idea runs at…wait for it…a loss!
Oh dear!

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