The cracks, in the ‘cuts’ side of the condem method of funding the country, become apparent as police chiefs etc. suggest many thousands of constables jobs will have to go as a result. The thought of ‘no’ police is already frightening many of the sheep at the mail and beeb boards. (Mind you they’ve had the jitters at the beeb for yonks – things getting close to home perhaps!)
Ditto the nhs. Ditto education. Ditto everything as the whole scam just becomes yet another huge tax-hike.
Apparently too (mail) from next April ‘The Work Programme’ will force folk off the dole and into paid work. This will be done by ‘private companies’ that, as they get people jobs, will be paid ‘thousands of pounds’ by tax-payer funding. So they’re not really private companies – they are, simply jobcentres. So what’s new? As ever the sheer cost of a scheme will be greater than it’s saving. And will taxation be lowered as a result? No prizes.
But, as a single, tiny, glimmer of hope in this mess of deficit and debt I simply ask myself, ‘What could thousands of highly qualified Policemen, Nurses, Doctors, Teachers actually do as their public payroll no longer can afford them?’
And, as ever, Logic brings an answer:
Could they not Police, Heal, Teach from a Private viewpoint? If not why not?
Also in the mail that nice Mr. Cable now hints that the car industry (?) will get no more funding or bail-outs from government coffers…..
…despite the car-industry helping to fill ’em in the first place! To me ‘Nothing Out’ should go hand in hand with ‘Nothing In’ – fair’s fair.
(But no wages for Mr. Cable in that equation! Never mind Mr. C. it’s tough getting any job at our age – but soon there will be The Work Programme to look forward to!)
Meanwhile the yellow stuff ever rises to new heights. Any time now a pan and a country stream will become viable.

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