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A slightly interesting snippet in the mail about capital gains tax. The Adam Smith Institute (dunno if this is a quango, firm or what?) reckons that for every 1% cgt is raised the government will lose 2% of revenue; or, in terms that equate: 30,000 public-sector jobs. The people most to suffer by any increase will be, obviously workers – but especially those that have saved for (now imminent) retirement.
(Personally I can’t see the difference in ‘capital gain’ and Profit, when it comes to filling in a self-assessment, so I’d like to see capital-gainers robbed to the same tune that I am – but who am I? Are, perhaps, poli’s also ‘capital-gainers’…oooh! That would be naughty!)
Other arguments put forward by Smiffy & Co. include the general cut in growth caused by an increase in ANY taxation – and the resulting loss of THAT taxation (well, not LOSS of taxation – taxation is in itself a loss!)
But anyway, there it is. Cgt is set at 18% and the government is contemplating a rise to 40% – possibly 50% – two options (evils) – a fav way of ‘working’ for governments.
Mind you, one of their m.p.’s, that nice Mr. Redwood, has said that, “We have a lot of work to do to get a vigorous Private Sector recovery.”

And that just shows you how misguided some folk are.

What about a third option? i.e. no capital gains tax at all. No apparent ‘work’ involved there Mr. Redwood.(Putcha feetupchuck! Yikes! I’ll be getting one of them £600,000.00p a year ‘consultancy’ jobs next!) No worker/savers suffering, capital-gainers absolutely clamouring to capitally-gain….job-creating by default…but I’ll leave the maths to Smiffy & Co…(if I find that they are Private I will capitalise their name in future).
(**STOP PRESS** As far as I can determine Smiffy & Co. are ligit. They ‘publish’ stuff and flog fancy gear via Mail-Order from website. Whether this funds them or not is debatable though.)

alan sugar says:“..raising capital gains tax will devastate entrepreneurs…”
erm, speak for yourself sunshine. Nowadays, how would you know?

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That nice Mr. Cameron is getting folk braced for Ozzies emergency budget ‘stand-up’ anytime soon. He has said, according to beeb, “…deficit will not be dealt with by hitting rich or benefit-scroungers…”
Oh gawd! It’s us self-employed that’ll get hit AGAIN then!
(Mind you, most recent tabloid & beeb stuff printed does suggest that ‘rich’ and ‘ benefit-scrounger’ go hand in hand!)

He also says, “There is no animus* against people because they work in the public-sector.”
Of course not! Many of the poor sods are redundant Private-Sector paupers just trying to get back what’s been, over the years, taxed off ’em!

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At the beeb a short item about ‘free schools’ lends a giggle. Now the term ‘free school’ to me is just as ominous as ‘ a state education’ but let’s not dwell on that.
The beeb states that ‘…the schools will be independent but funded by central government…’
They’re hardly ‘free’ then, in any sense. The beeb asks (the readership) if they’d like to set-up a ‘free’ school. All sorts of comments follow.
But none asks, as I do, “What’s the pay?”
Mind you, my ‘lessons’ on: tax avoidance for aspiring millionaires and/or: making vat pay, might just be a little too ‘free’ for even a ‘free’ school!
Dontcha just LOVE extra curricula activities!!!!!!!!!!!
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And, scientists have found that free-range eggs contain five times the amount of environmental crap compared to cheapo’s. They may not, they say, be fit to eat.
That labelling gun down asda’s will be steamin’ this weekend folks – as sure as eggs is friggin’ eggs!

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* I think ‘animus’ is something out of Harry Potter. Dave might have been leafing through the books to find out where Ollivanders is.
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I must too congratulate fellow Radcliffian Danny Boyle upon his being appointed Artistic Director for the 2012 olympic games. A worthy and well-deserved appointment.
Dickie Branson.
David Beckham.
Danny Boyle.
Initially, for those aspiring to entrepreneurship, they’re a MUST! Sadly, at my age, 2012 is only contemplated as a maybe.


Mmm… It’s as old as the hills, but makes oil look pre-historic!
I mean, all that drilling and pumping and capping and leaking and swearing and name-calling and compensating….why bother?
A sunny day, a gentle stream and a swirling pan…….and you only need an ounce every coupla weeks………
Much more civilised.


Where to cut?

Since being asked, by the present tax ministration, where cuts in services should be made, I find it ever so difficult to decide. I mean, everything done in that line seems so vital doesn’t it.

Chippy tea?

But doubtless, as my morning read progresses the tabs and sheets, some tiny ‘extravagance’ might just reside quietly amid the type. In these austere times though the blatant pomp and circumstance is long-gone; a memory from when a sprinkle of cash did in fact reside, albeit at the bottom, of the beggars-cap at Threadneedle Street.

One item, on the face of it surely a source of optimism and motivation for myself, is the story of the lottery-winning Bike Shop owner. Sensibly he’ll carry on at his business – thus safeguarding the jobs of his employees.
Sadly, the ideom: ‘Lightening never strikes the same place twice’, tends to mar my enthusiasm for the draw!
Then again, lightening isn’t subject to any rational laws – ditto the very lottery balls. Is it my week? I ask nervously….
Well, it does cost a pound.
Reassuringly, I do have one.

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But, possibly, not for long!
As, at the beeb site they’re well into increasing taxes. Well, they would wouldn’t they?
But there is an article about vat and the effect a few percent rise in the tax would have on the deficit etc.
In the article a table shows that a new car, with vat at 17.5% as it is now, may cost £15,000.00p. They show that with vat at 18.5% the car would cost £15,127.66p and with vat at 20% it would cost £15,319.15p. (I have not mathematically checked these figures – I expect them to be right.)
So, on the face of things a vat rise to 20% may not seem too damaging and would bring in around £5,000,000,000.00p per year roughly. Set against this some sales that would be lost and the resulting unemployment etc. Not to mention the time and cost to the Private Sector in red-tape and tedium while actually collecting this cash for the vat office.
As ever with such articles a further option, the fourth in this case, is never mentioned. It is simply: No vat at all.
In such a scenario the car would cost £12,765.96p. (Checked and ok) No collection costs. No red-tape. Sales up – unemployment down….
…deficit attacked without creating inflation….in fact car co.’s, as a result of losing so much wasted time, and gaining massively cheaper parts and materials, may cut car-prices further. Extend this scenario to the whole of the Private Sector………….
I must just check the beeb figures…… could be embarassing for them……
It is ok, the figures arrived at by the beeb are correct.

Self – Employment?

Normally I’d advocate. But it’s time for serious thought.

...time, money and oil, start to run-out?

Some readers (?) may wonder what it feels like to be self-employed. You know, stumping-up your own cash to get some idea or product under-way and selling, at such a rate to give you an income. It can take years. It is not for the squeamish. Money, at first just seems to pour out at an alarming rate.
Just ask any m.p. what their new expenses method is like! A whole new ball-game eh folks?
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Am reading Atlas Shrugged…again. Well, it’s like looking into a crystal-ball!
Yet everywhere the pundits now seem to realise, as over one in four workers don’t, that the small-business is the place where real, new jobs are created. Yet that area of business ever shrinks…the sheer cost of doing it ever rises – the red-tape deeper than ever.
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I mentioned a while back the need to keep an eye on the big grocers – like Tesco and asda etc. Well, one or two of ’em are beginning to feel the pinch of lower sales. If one of these goes bang it’ll kick-off a massive domino-fall of supporting manufacturers and suppliers. It seems far off but margins for these guys are cut to the bone to start with.
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Had to giggle over Littlejohns bit about refuse collectors having to check skips and wheelie-bins, before emptying, for signs of human life and occupation within.
Apparently such inhabitants can afford alcohol in mind-closing amounts that render them unconscious to normal shouts and bangs on said bin sides.
So, rather than all this time-wasting, and bearing in mind that severe cuts have to be made, why bother?
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Unemployment ever rises, and once again the army of folk that can’t afford to work increases in number – the affluence of benefits far safer too.
A nice story about a taxi-driver being left £250,000 in the will of an old-lady customer – a pensioner that he drove about for many years.
Good luck to the taxi-driver – he obviously went the extra mile and was eventually rewarded.
I’d just like to know though if the lady-pensioner wrote any How-To books on money-making or, say, tax-avoidance. Either way she must have been quite a lady – rest peacefully ma’am.
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Mmmm…That nice Mr. Obama in America says, about the BP oil-leak, that it’s, “… .the biggest environmental disaster in US history.” Well, he would say that wouldn’t he, he’s after funding for ‘clean’ energy next. So, get the dollar-presses inked-up guys – it’ll be trillions this time – (They’ll want $50,000,000,000.00c compen. from BP soon) Ah, you cain’t beat a good ole’ crisis canye?
IMO the biggest environmental disaster in US history was when Henry Ford mass-produced the motor-car. Since then it’s been one long oil-hunt. Apparently Mr. Obama has been travelling the country drumming-up support for his ‘clean’ energy drive. One day soon they’ll have to do that…on horseback. Don’t forget your poop-scoop.
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Had a giggle over the beeb’s Economics Editor, Stephanie Flanders yesterday. There’s a video-clip of her at the beeb being asked by a newsreader about the economic crisis and the way forward. Part of her answer was, “…but oh, it is complicated…so complicated…” and she shook her head despairingly………..
Steph, it’s not complicated, it’s OBFUSCATED! They do it so you dunno wot’s goin’ on! Now, let’s make it simple for you…I’ll not go overboard with noughts – you adjust to suit yourself…
government annual INCOME = £10.00p (See, nice and simples)

government annual SPENDING (to get that income)= £1,200,000,000,000.00p

So if you take SPENDING from INCOME there is a deficit. Now, don’t worry about my figures Steph, I always err on the cautious side.
The worrying thing might be that your salary is part of the SPENDING. But, that apart, wot’s the cure?
To give you a clue my Private-Sector market stall was run like this:

Stall annual INCOME = £5,000.00p

Stall annual SPENDING (inc. tax) to get that income=£4,500.00p

So there is no deficit – but which bozo’s going to graft for 12 months for £500.00p – not this one chuck – I’m signing-on, the money’s BRILL.

That might sound humourous initially, but wot’dya eat when all the stalls have gorn?

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The direcktor of the campaign for better transport; Stephen Joseph, worried about cuts, said, “…there’s a real danger that buses will become extinct outside the centres of cities and towns…”

Mmmm….now me, that has to deliver things, might just CHEER with delight to read that!
Also, Stephen, rather than operate a quango (?) why not invest £ in and set-up a new bus company of your own; but better than the ones we’ve already got eh? You know; practise what you preach. It’s tricky to do as most folk like FREE buses – not ones where you have to pay.

World-Cup stuff:

Dutch (ahem) football fans at World Cup.

Yes, just a few average, everyday Dutch football fans at the World-Cup. …and here’s me thinking for years that Holland’s claim-to-fame was a shedload of dykes.
Just the ticket eh?
Time for a drink?

Cuts but no cuts please.

Oh, every department of the p – s is, they plead, far too important to be cut.
And, according to the mail voters have suggested 50% tax rises on tobacco and 25% on alcohol etc. and rather than make the capital-gainers pay normal tax-rates vat may rise to 20%.
So it’s the same old story – and, true to form the next budget is already being labelled ‘Emergency Budget’ so that’s that. Mega tax rises because of the crisis. Which will, almost immediately, force many Private Sector firms, to lose jobs. Or, in some cases just fold and opt for the easy-life on far more lucrative benefits.
On the beeb site the uni’s are up in arms about the cuts in their budgets. Personally I’d simply CLOSE all university departments concerned with ‘Economics’ and/or ‘Finance’. Well, most of the folk responsible for our deficits attended these courses! Embarrasin’ eh?
Meanwhile, in the real world, it’s Monday morning and time to start pulling a pound or two. I mean, it’s not that hard is it?
On the right I notice one of the Google ads. It says, “Do you qualify for bankruptcy?”
Gawd, there’s a means-test for everything these days!

Tomb of Egyptian Mayor found!

Yes it’s time for a little ancient Egyptian culture and history. Recently they found the tomb of a man called Ptahmes under a SHEDLOAD of sand. It took ’em yonks to dig it out because there was so much. Archaeologists are puzzled as to why Ptahmes was buried so deeply.
Inscriptions nearby may throw some light on the problem as Ptahmes seems to have been a Mayor of the capital city of Memphis, and a clay writing tablet, found wrapped around Ptahmes’ mummy’s neck, bears the inscription:
(They didn’t use vowels 🙂 )

Upon deciphering this the archaeologists shoved Ptahmes back in his box sharpish!


No. Here it stands for Bike Power – summat we’ll all need to look into shortly. Here’s one that doesn’t cost the earth!

Dawes Giro 200 Roady.

And below is one that does! Well, you know what I mean. It’s not that expensive.

Dawes Galaxy Twin Tandem.


The latest public-sector crisis – the deficit fiasco – plods-on with little hints and tips from folk like Frank Field. The latest thinking is a cut in the £11,000,000,000.00p per year child benefit. (Well, they pay-out that much – the actual cost is probably DOUBLE that plus interest as, at the moment, it’s all borrowed or printed)
A cut to child benefit will save a few bob – maybe enough to cover m.p.’s recent rises – but, that won’t make government bigger will it? So dear Frank, thought by many to actually have a brain, toys with the idea of TAXING it!!
During mega public-sector crises all sorts of draconian tripe gets slid in while the sheep are otherwise engaged – usually totally absorbed by something completely different. So watch-out while the world-cup is on – they don’t organise stuff like this for nowt you know.
A nice big advert for a rural cake-maker in the Mail. It’s in the Femail section – near to all the diet ads. Clever stuff.
Arthur Scargil is up in arms about his fuel allowance being cut. Doesn’t he know there’s been a bit of an oil leak.
There was talk of jacking-up capital gains tax to what it was before – and then some. This might just be waffle to give the buy-to-let boys a scare, just to keep ’em on their toes, a point strengthened by Tony and Cher buying yet another manse with another mortgage. Financial crisis! Wot financial crisis?
Watch-out for a REAL stitch-up anytime now. Probably when England’s playing.


Familiar faces arrive in SA

Doesn't he play for...erm...who is it now?

The various SA stadium locations - a bit small perhaps?

The Scruf...ooops sorry...Soccaroos!

Brazil's plane. Most bookies have napped 'em.

Ooops! Already done that one! Who cares! Have a ball Wayne!!!

Maradonna...well, he likes to lend a hand.

Serious Cycling.

For many the ever-rising cost of motorised transport makes that speedy, once cost-effective, comfortable but stressfull pastime increasingly less viable.
Many, we find, would like to get back (oh yes!) to bike-riding seriously. Bike-riding, again, is becoming quite serious as a personal transport option.

Dawes Duchess.

Primarily Sharks-Sports and Cycles is a bicycle repair company and, over the years, we’ve serviced bicycles made up to 50 years ago; older on one or two occasions! Strangely, apart from the basics, they usually need little in the way of major work – a drop of oil and a pair of tyres perhaps being all that’s needed.
Serious bicycles.
One such brand is still making them and although we’ve sold many makes of new bike – one we like to recommend for those getting serious about cycling is Dawes.

Dawes XC1.1

There’s a link to the Dawes website from this page.
Not the cheapest of bikes – but by no means the most expensive – just good value for money. Check them out – we can supply, fully assembled and with full-service backing at all times.
Serious considerations for serious bikers.

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Local libraries, throughout Greater Manchester, offer maps featuring cycling routes for free.
The BURY area map is No. 3 in the ‘series’ and you can pick one up from local libraries. Radcliffe features in this publication.