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I watched part of Knight and Day the other night. As so many present-day ‘block-busters’ this one seemed to be a jumble of all the others rolled into one. The noise was mind-blowing. But, I suppose, the youngergen will find Tom and Cameron empathetic rather than just pathetic.

The problem for folk like Tom and Cameron is – they grow just that teeny-bit old for their (lucrative?) type-casted movie-screen, youngergen, arsenal-toting characters.

And, (as I’m ever told that ‘content’ is vital in this ageing world of the ‘ever-new’- mind-fodder-consuming virtual audience) rather than that they sink to the depths of cinematic oblivion, something ‘new’ for Tom and Cameron might just be found in the characters of Jack Morris and Inspector Marsh in ‘Where there’s a will…’ The first bit is online today.

And directly from its buried and dust-laden slumber in the darkness of our recently de-cluttered loft, comes the first bits of ‘The Lady of Holcombe’. A few missing pages deemed this be withheld for a while as they did contain the important bits that come at the end!

And there’s an Empyre update.

Well, you can’t mend bikes online.


Welcome to Condorosa!
Yes, we mend bikes here, so if that’s what you need check-out the link above. For bike parts by Mail-Order check-out the link to the right – bicycleinnertubes – ask for Mark if you’ve a problem.
If you need a special gift for someone and can’t make your mind up just what – check-out the link to the right.

Compen at last!

A self-employed bod has ‘sued’ a gas company for wasting his time (which is money) for about two years! The gas company settled o.o.c. for the amount he’d logged, over the two years, in phone-calls, letters and, more importantly, his time – priced at his business-rate which, for small firms is really good news.
The day before yesterday my bt line went iffy then all the phones and the ‘net went off. Nothing. And, when it all goes, you’ve no way to contact anyone. Thank heavens for a mobile – but it cost £10 to top that up to cover all the £1.50 a minute calls to our ISP in order to get bt to check the line. Meanwhile online business etc. was at a standstill. It eventually got sorted earlier today and we’re only about £20 down on the fault – which was not our fault – it was indeed a bt line fault.
We can stand this – to some extent – but the case above involved over £2,000.00p which most tiny one-man-bands can’t cover. Good news indeed!

Bank on it!

Another bank reports a nice little earner for the past six months (Lloyds) and that nice Mr. Cameron seems to be getting a bit shirty about it – they MUST lend he says.
Erm, why don’t YOU lend your hard-earned old chuck? Is it a bit too risky? Or have you got none? Tough old world isn’t it?
I’m waiting to see what RBS shares are doing – when all this strife kicked-off me and a mate watched ’em drop to 12p!

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And, Mr. Cameron wants council-housing to be on a short-lease basis. So if you’re in one and you pull a bundle you can ‘be moved on’ to Private housing or buy your own – which will allow someone struggling to live in your ex-council-house.
It sounds ok but, as ever, government policy ‘gently’ eases folk into not pulling a bundle or not so big a bundle, as you might say, rather than the more difficult option.
We’ve just sold our house! (The council are going mad!)
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Yes the leaders of the public-sector are in ‘summer recess’ – thank gawd for that! As a result I only noticed one ‘crisis’ reference somewhere this morning! That was about their deficit.
But there’s still a few giggles about if you glean the screen well.
The beeb wannabe’s are up in arms about a move from London to Salford (which is not Manchester really – it’s Salford). The poor dears. Most of ’em are worried about the effects of the move on their children.
Hey, don’t worry! We’ve nearly got rickets licked up here and 60% of my kids have jobs – Private Sector mind-you so don’t expect too much in the way of income from yours.
And, despite world-record rainfall we’ve got a hose-pipe ban in force and they’ve shut the canal.
They had a local referendum about ‘Congestion Charging’ and the populace, en masse, said ‘Jacqui Smith!’ So Deansgate, where your offices are situated, is always gridlocked.
Just bear in mind that £877,000,000.00p would probably run Salford for six months let alone fund a move for a few folk!
Deficits, are made of this.
Some of the ‘banks’ that required tax-payer funding last year are finally getting back into a profit situation. It has only taken about six-months and the cash is piling-up nicely.
Meanwhile The Deficit goes on…and on…and….
….Milliband calls for a ‘Mansion Tax’……..and several folk on Housing Benefit ask for smaller pads! In their case though the council would have to pay it.
I told you there were a few giggles about – if you look for ’em!
At the beeb ‘business’ page(s) four very busy businessmen are featured, each with a woe-tale about trying to borrow from a bank.
Sadly, after really carefull reading of their stories, I fear borrowing will not solve their problems (it never does) but rather that they read some of my stuff!
Ask for ‘Letter Four’ – It’s expensive, but exactly what’s needed.
Here’s a link to the beeb page:
OK, so what’s the problem? Surely the banks are at fault?
No. I too would be reticent in making any loans in these cases. In each case the business-owner is very experienced in his/her trade but is really up against it from a business point of view.

Financial licence?

I read (again) this morning that the ‘banks’ were more or less ‘in profit’ again. They are at the moment being berated by that nice Mr. Osborne because they won’t lend any money. (mortgages, business-loans etc.)
Now me being just an old logical soul have to scratch me head over this one. If the banks are not lending anything – how the hell have they got back into profit?
Answers on a postcard please to: That nice Mr. Osborne – he’s desperate at the moment!
**HSBC have reported pre-tax profits of £7,000,000,000.00p for first six months of 2010 – ‘investment-banking’ being the main source. So, if profits are about 30% of stake-money HSBC must have initially punted £21,000,000,000.00p. So, if you apply for a measly, back-pocket change ‘business’ loan of say £500,000.00p, don’t cry if they refuse. It’s probably not worth their while to bother!**
Call me old-fashioned but when I were a lad to get money for any business reason you simply used the business – making money was the intention, not borrowing it.
And The Adam Smith Institute – that thinky-tanky thing says that the beeb should lose the licence fee and charge as other TV companies do. They might have a point but this old thinky-tanky bod is ever wary of things government controlled – such as the beeb. They might introduce Pay-As-You-View type funding for the beeb – which, at the rate the beeb spends our cash, would render it skint and defunct within minutes. So watchout for more typical government ‘thinky-tanky’ thinking – Pay-As-You-View rates and a yearly licence fee!
You read it here first folks!
Another option – no fee at all (which would save tax-payers an absolute fortune) is never contemplated is it?
Oh dear, that nice Susan Boyle, who can really sing, is having cash-flow problems apparently. She’s managed to get herself a nice new house (excellent Sue!) but is finding that on only £500 per week she can’t furnish it all at once.
Which really goes to prove that Private Sector life is a struggle compared to a life on benefits!
The other day I read at some website or other: ‘How to make a small fortune in the bicycle business?’
I thought jeez, I’d better read that! So I clicked the link – it said, ‘Start with a big one!‘.
Apparently bosses might not be forced to sack employees as the employees reach pension age – 60 women, 65 men. This is good news as I won’t have to sack meself next year!
Far from it! Me tax-allowance goes up too, so I’m told! And, do I get a pension??? Good grief, it’ll be like winning the pools!
About twelve months back a customer at the market stall asked if I could ‘set-up’ a BMX that she’d bought for her son from ASDA at Radcliffe.
No problem. Here’s a photo’ of that bike, then.
It’s not very clear but there were several set-up problems with the bike and I wondered where the bike assembler had seen a bike so assembled.
Well, this week I was in ASDA shopping and lo and behold there were several bikes on display – set-up and erm, ready to go?
Well, no, not really, because the BMX amongst them was assembled as the photo above!
I’ve had, too, quite a few ‘interesting’ telephone-calls re ASDA bikes. But, not for me to denigrate here – I merely say, Hi ASDA, why struggle? All you need do is pick the phone up, mind you, I’m not cheap, but therein is the difference between a rideable bike and something in a box from ASDA!