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Last week I was in a dilemma. Someone telephoned and asked if I wanted to buy a couple of ‘nice, fairly new, bikes.’

Well, I said, “Yes, of course!” but, at the time, I was financially embarassed and had to borrow money to buy the bikes.

But all went well; the bikes were bought, repaired and have now been sold via ebay – Phew! Borrowing money is not something that I like doing – I have paid it back in full now, have no fears – it was only a few quid but it was nerve-racking!

Last month, August, the government borrowed, to keep us afloat, more than £500,000,000.00p….

… per day.

And they haven’t paid it back – ever…


Old bikes are handy!

I can always use old bikes so I collect them and shift them free locally. If they’re in really good condition they may just be worth a few bob but not much because it costs a fortune to actually do them up and sell them on.

So why bother?

Well, suppose your son had a bike that he used to go to school on and he kind of grew out of it. I could overhaul it and another youngster might be able to buy it and go to school on it. But the real thing is this:
If I get too many bikes to overhaul I will need help…that means, for some school-leaver, like your son perhaps, a full-time, college-funding, home and income-providing…

It’s as simple as that!

So, if you’ve any old bikes anywhere give us a call – most I’ll shift for free – some – I will pay for.



Just a word of thanks to the photographers at TTR for the ‘loan’ of their pictures, for our YouTube ‘video’s’, from literally all over the world.

If you’d like to ‘join-in’ with a very friendly message-board gang then click the TTR link on the right. Over fifties welcome at a very ‘secure’ website which is ideal for Silver Surfers.

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Check-out the ‘video’ links on the right for a preview of TTR Photographers work – it’s awesome!

New Shop! A.J.’s!

I keep reading about shops closing all over the place so here’s one that’s just opened after being on a market for a bit.
A.J.’s Fruit Bowl stocks Fruit and Veg and Pet Foods and Pet Requirements.
A.J.’s is just opposite the old Boars Head in Radcliffe. They can deliver large items or full orders for about a fiver locally.
Yep, they do Horse Feed!
And Aquarium stuff.
And Terrariums.
And Rabbit Hutches.
And Wild Bird Food.


Well why not? I checked-out a few different styles but this one (without getting into major programming (?) mode) has a text font that I can read easily 🙂

Now, doing all this isn’t easy-peasy for some of us, but when some go ‘walkabout’ you have to have a go…

… 🙂

What value free?

The latest edition of EN for business – an ‘entrepreneurial’ magazine (?) dropped onto my doormat this morning. It is (I read) full of all the stuff you need to know to succeed in business.
The problem I have with that is – the magazine is sent for free.
They write it – print it (not cheap – it’s a glossy) and distribute it for free – well, to me at any rate.

Now this is clever stuff and I wish I knew the secret of letting folk have a product for free. I have searched the magazine for a clue but nothing. It is full of youngish folk that have businesses that (apparently) turnover vast amounts of cash – usually in the tens of millions of pounds – annually. Strangely, the main problem that these folk have ( if you read the articles in ENfor business) is…wait for it…getting funding! Yes, the old chestnut of getting funding or, for us mere mortals:Borrowing cash by the container-load!

Yes, most of the ‘entrepreneurial’ articles are about people borrowing money to set-up a ‘pet’ business. Whether this succeeds or fails, it seems, is by the way – just something for folk to read in between the adverts! Oh, wait…the adverts…oh my gosh! Is that how they make the money to make the magazine?

Well well, I’m glad I sussed that out. Let’s see…write a load of garbage about some subject and lace it with nice glossy adverts for biggish companies…simples eh? Send the magazines out for free and bingo….blanket corporate advertising. I wish I had thought of that.

Mind you – just thinking about something won’t bring a pound or two in – you have to actually do something…perhaps that’s where the ‘entrepreneurial’ bit comes in.

On the front cover of the mag is a nice picture of the model Caprice as she’s now running her own ‘multi-million pound underwear business’. She gives a few hints and tips about doing it. But wait…that can’t be just another advert….can it? Has she paid to be in and on the magazine…my oh my I bet that wasn’t cheap!

Mmmm…..isn’t it surprising what you can learn – for free? And here’s me trying to earn a crust mending bikes…..silly me!

🙂 🙂

Road works gone!

The road-works that has brought the place to a near stand-still locally has at last gone it seems.
Not long back they re-surfaced all the roads by the town-hall – another nightmare for local workers and local businesses – now they’ll have to do it all again!
Last Saturday, with the road-works in Bury, the tail-backs at our end, reached the old Three Arrows!