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Work! At last!

Actually got a bit done today due to no repeat NO ‘phone-calls from time-wasters. Brilliant!

An old Raleigh is being ‘done-up’ at the moment. The idea is a simple Flat-Bar Conversion of a steel-framed ex-roady. Ally straights – matt-black – have been fitted with Shimano matt-black brake levers – the old frame is well-worn white. New wheels, tubes & tyres to be fitted early next week. Then we’ll see how it goes.

EN for business again!

Yikes! How time flies! Because today, oh joy! My new edition of EN for business has just arrived by post!
Now EN for business is one of those magical ‘things’ that just arrive without any actual charge, although the Price of £3.50 is plainly visible on the very glossy front cover. ? ?
Not to worry – there must be some Harry Potterish way that Excel Publications finance this magazine.
It’s probably done by that very expensive method called, ‘borrowing’ as Executive Editor Martin Regan states in his Editorial blog, “The access to cash is a prerequisite of entrepreneurial growth. We are all aware of the funding difficulties facing small business but these are nothing compared to the difficulties facing someone without a track record wishing to start a new company.”
Martin also mentions the old adage, “What makes an Entrepreneur?” The answer being of course, “$5,000!”
I beg to differ on both counts!
Firstly actually making that first £5,000 is what really makes an Entrepreneur – when it’s done from a nothing start that is. And doing that without borrowing is the truly entrepeneurial way. Borrowing the initial £5,000 and proceeding from there (successful or not) gets you the title ‘Investor’ not Entrepreneur.
I see too that Martin likes a cigar ( :)) Ooooh! How wastefull of that nice folding capital! Don’t do that Mr. Regan! What you need is my ‘giving-up smoking’ method, which will pull you that first £5,000 and save you £50 per week by not buying tobacco products!
Or, of course, I could write-up the ‘No Smoking’ method as an article for EN for business. The Price? Ooooh…£5,000.00p for First British Serial Rights as doing this would mean me foregoing further sales.
Too expensive eh? Tut tut…but, for some, a years tobacco can cost £5,000!
Ah, see how wonderfull is this ‘entrepreneurialism’! The proof of this pudding all the more tasty when you see the deed done right before your eyes!
(I.e. £5,000 – raised from nothing – no borrowing – no costs whatsoever – the really nice part is; thousands of smokers may be helped to give up too! Helping others – by-words for entrepreneurs!)
Now that, Martin, is what I call an Entrepreneurial Editorial as it blows away all those ‘funding difficulties’ you worried about earlier!
Just to clarify, I have smoked since 1965. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, you name it. I gave-up smoking cigarettes about 3 years ago with no trouble and now I do not smoke at all.
Mind you, all this really is Secret Stuff and only for those willing to get to the bottom of things.
From this edition of EN f.B. I quote Laura Tenison (Bebe) who is Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of The Year: “I certainly couldn’t pay myself and couldn’t take any money out of the business.”
Yeah, right. I don’t eat much either. Nice bike though.


Just a little gem from P.Hutchins at The Mail. Apparently in 2008/9 the outgoing labour bunch spent about £600,000,000,000.00p to keep everyone fed etc.
Then the present bunch of ‘cutters’ come in and begin to cut services like there’s no tomorrow.
But will this reduce the size of ‘government’?
Well, in 2014/5 the ‘cutters’ reckon on spending £692,700,000,000.00p! So, as ever the cost of all this goes up not down eh?

Google it!

Yes, I have to smile again this morning as, faced with massive tax-bills a very well-known company has used ‘its brains’ and saved itself a fortune.
Nice one! £3,000,000,000.00p plus kept in play!

Also today I see that the £500 per year that each British family must pay towards ‘Foreign Aid’ is causing a few rows. Well, what do you expect.
I wonder though, does any of that ‘aid’ go to The Caribbean, or The Caymans perhaps? Just a thought.

And that nice Mr. Duncan-Smith has suggested that some of the Welsh unemployed ‘get on a bus’ to find work at other towns. Shades of Norman Tebbit and getting on your bike! But, hey, this is 2010, why not suggest that folk get on The Internet and do a bit of work for themselves. It might not pay at benefit levels but it’s getting there!

Get in line!

I’ve had to smile a little as I read that the recent Euromillions Jackpot of about £113,000,000.00p has finally been claimed and paid-out.


The fun part is that the winner will instantly become, not the richest, nor the second richest, not even the tenth or 100th richest – but, wait for it – the winner will be the 589th Richest Person in Great Britain!

Well, there’s some cash sloshing about in this li’l ole place then isn’t there!
But it looks worrying for the public-sector doesn’t it – just one crisis after another…
I notice as well that one word is being bandied-about like crazy at the moment. Mind you I can’t really comment on anything ‘public-sector’.
I have to get up early in the mornings to fire-up the old 486 and click the modem a few times just to get online – oh! how it whistles and beebs at that time in a morning!
Then I have to walk two miles to a cash-point and withdraw say £20 of my own money. Then I can walk to a house – not far away – within 15 miles say – in order to buy an old bike.
I then carry the bike (or the bits) home and re-furbish it with new parts that I also buy with my own money. It is a purely speculative occupation to be sure and the actual repair can take many hours – days even!
But once repaired the re-furbished bike is advertised at Ebay at enormous profit margins – I might get £30 for it! Ye gods, what will I do with all that cash! Well, what I do with it is – get up early again and go and buy another old bike!

I do this for a full year and then guess what? Some jobsworth sends me a form and I have to send most of any cash I actually make to some distant and meaningless office in Bury, or Bolton, or BOTH So, at the end of the day, and the year, I’m usually no better-off.
Today I read of a family of umpteen that are paid £95,000.00p or more per year, from some distant and meaningless office somewhere, just to sit watching TV. I shake my head and smile, if only I knew where you get that kind of money for free!

Yet, there it is again – written today at The Mail – that word. They’re all using it at the moment – all of those nice men in suits that bank in The Caribean! What’s the word? Oh, sorry, I nearly forgot:




We were a bit hungry last night and thought, ‘Let’s go out for something to eat.’
No problem. We went to a pub/eatery a few miles away and just inside the borders of what is reputed to be the highest unemployment area in Britain – Rochdale.
Well, the place was packed! But we finally got a table after a twenty-minute wait, which wasn’t bad. Food? Simple stuff – fish and chips for us – but well prepared and served.
The place serves until about ten o’clock – so they’re busy by any standard!

Reccession or no, folk just have to eat don’t they?

The Midas Method II…

I read Stuart Goldsmith’s book The Midas Method and wondered, “Would it work for me?”
I more or less used the method to actually locate a free download of the book online but also I put, on this web-site, a ‘new category’ called, ‘Vintage Bicycles and Spare parts’ before I had any such items of stock.(Initially the category was just,’Vintage Bikes’.)
The category was posted at least two weeks before I had such items. Then I paid a visit to our local Market and someone offered me an old bike for sale.
The bike is now featured in the said ‘Vintage’ pages of the site. It is 1976 vintage – not ‘antique’ in the true sense but an interesting if ‘everyday’ piece of British cycling history – the old bike is a Raleigh!

It might me an idea now to ‘visualise’ a specific bike type and see if one was forthcoming…Mmm…a ‘Miss Marple’ type Dawes Ladies Shopper would be good; but they’re like gold at the moment.


Recently, I note, Sir Phillip Green has been giving government spending etc. the once over – the idea is he tells that nice new prime-minister, Mr. Cameron, how to SAVE a bob or two.
He has, of late, come up with a few suggestions but me, well, I’m of the ‘Old Skool’ when it comes to saving-money; I like to ‘do as they do’ not, ‘as they say’. So with regard to my business I’m totally in the dark money-wise – so you’ll have to ask me wife…
I think she’s holidaying in the erm, Caymans at the moment……….

‘The Midas Method’

About twenty years ago a ‘wealth-creation’ guru wrote a book, his first I think, about becoming successful. The book was called ‘The Midas Method’ and the author is (of course) Stuart Goldsmith. At the time I never read the book but did read quite a lot of Stuarts other work – vitally important for anyone wishing to earn a £ by their own (self-employed) efforts.
Well, yesterday, (Thursday October 7th 2010) I noticed a reference to this book on a Google page and suddenly felt an urge to read it as I hadn’t a clue as to what it was about. I clicked-on a few Google links and visited a few sales-sites that were offering the book for delivery by Mail-Order for various prices.
As I visited various sites I noted from the sales-pitches that the book apparently dealt with ‘setting-goals’ and thereby achieving them. I also noted that the present book-price was anything from £4.99p to £9.99p. plus of course a couple of pounds (£2.75?) for P&P, which was okay – but I am already a believer in goal-setting and wondered if I could read the book ‘for free’.
So I made it an urgent goal. I visualised sitting by the pc; reading ‘The Midas Method’ as a pdf file…
…and said to myself, this is possibly the ultimate test of the goal-setting theory.

A couple of hours later I had found a free download (yep, pdf) and was well into Stuarts words of wisdom!

It took a bit of finding – clicking here and there and some sites don’t work and this and that – but, with a little work there it was! I crossed the GOAL off my list and entered another one!

Same old…

…same old.

The ‘Housing Crisis’ – the ‘Deficit’ crisis. Once again the country reels (?) as crisis upon crisis hits the population.


We’ve had (some) benefit cuts and now they’re on about widening the 40% income-tax bracket (Natch. This tax bracket will be the ‘norm’ for all one day soon. It’s been hovering in the background for years and now slowly – but at ever increasing speed – it comes to the fore.)


Watch-out for something like a massive Rates hike – like the Poll-Tax of Maggie. Huge ‘crises’ stories like the deficit figures do tend to give folk ‘carte-blanch’ with any measures brought-in to ‘cure’ such crises.

The thingy to remember here is that these are really ’emergency’ ‘crisis’ measures intended to deal with a massive (public-sector) deficit (I.e. £1 taken in to cover £100 of ‘spends’ – standard public-sector mathematics for sixty years!) and as such should, one day, be revoked…
…but they never are…

…and, on a far more interesting note, I came across a 1970’s Raleigh Roady on Tuesday.
It’s a bit like the Raleigh Roady in my ‘Reconditioned Bikes’ Gallery but this one has a…
…wait for it…
…cottered chainset!
Yes indeedy! The Bottom-Bracket on this bike takes the old cottered steel chainwheels and I’m not sure yet which type they are – but it is only a single chainwheel crank.
The rear gear derailleur may be Huret – it looks ‘different’ if you know what I mean, so for collectors and enthusiasts out there this bike may be carefully stripped and the parts made available for sale as the old steel (chrome) wheels (probably 27 x 1 1/4 inch) are well past safety levels. They can, of course be replaced, but, as ever, is the bike worth it?
I’ve also got a ‘white, ladies shopper’ to see – but that could literally mean anything!

At the moment an impending house-move is making normal ‘work’ quite difficult! Not to mention the hordes of ‘phone-calls – then ‘urgent’ sales-pitches promising us ‘thousands’ of page-impressions if we sign-up to…
…well, you know what I mean.

As I wrote that there was another one! Really.