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Less tax?

In order to stem the flow of entrepreneurial talent to foreign climes that nice Mr. Osborne says he’ll give such folk an incentive of say a 10% tax-rate.
Such a carrot, although heard many times by us aged warriors, may influence one or two…but not many.
For we also read of EU investigations that may cost Google Β£1,500,000,000.00p in FINES!!
I’m no Google ‘lover’ but how can any one ‘fine’ anyone else so much?
I mean, why bother in the first place?
Which is why I don’t.
Years back I got well out of all things ‘water’ and ‘gas’. It was then an area of uncertainty and regulation. Soon the ‘goalposts’ in this ‘business’ will be changed again and many that ‘invested’ a few years back (Dyno-Rod) will be well out of pocket.

EN – again!

Yes, onto the doormat plops the latest edition of EN For Business. Naturally I delve its pages with urgent and spellbound zeal. Well, I flipped a page or two while having a coffee by the keyboard.
Look, don’t get me wrong, magazines about starting businesses and ‘doing things’ are very much in ‘short-supply’ at the moment – especially in benefit-rife GB. So it’s refreshing, to say the least, to read of folk that get out and actually earn some money.
Take the guy pictured on the front cover – Charlie Mullins of Pimlico Plumbers.
Years back I too delved the plumbing world for a living and did well as a ‘subbie’ on local sites. Sadly the trade is a minefield of regulation and ‘Payment Clauses’ now and the daily travelling involved probably suits the younger tradesperson rather than an imminent Retiree! So Charlie – (still struggling it seems) deserves, imo, a medal! And, at Β£1 in Β£15 Pre-Tax Profit I simply couldn’t (indeed wouldn’t) afford the aggro’! (Mind you – whaddya expect him to say in public where the very fresh-air has ears!)
And, of all places that could ‘fund apprenticeships’, the last one should be The Government.(The taxpayer!) Trust me on that, I’ve seen it all before!

Once again a pleasant enough Ad-Mag for those either already well-heeled, (cuban even) or abed with some easy-going bank-manager intent on lending till he (or she) drops. But for Mr and/or Mrs Average redundant and mortgaged up to the hilt I feel something much more mundane is required.
But for those that like to mix with The Toffs – – nice one guys!

Erm, it was planned??

I had to giggle slightly this morning as I read a few Sunday rag blogs. One such told of a yougov poll done by, wait for it…
The Institute for Financial Planning.
Ahhh! So it has all been planned eh? That’s good to know. So, they will know exactly how to get out of it then!
Apparently this institute are suggesting folk ‘plan’ their finances more.
A good idea. Who lays the actual plan? This institute?
Ye gods!
Gordon Brown pulled Β£60,000.00p for a speech about financial crises. Who better to ask eh?
But is he actually making a Profit? Time will tell.
Yes, ’tis Sunday and our day of rest but still the cogs may turn. And, oh yes, turn they do.
There are institutes and institutes.

Own goals?

For years guru-speak has included foot-thick volumes on the subject of ‘goals’.
No, nothing at all to do with football (unfortunately you may sigh) but all to do with setting a ‘target’, aiming for it and getting it.

It sounds oh so twee these days but there are still those out there in non-deficit land that positively swear by the ‘setting of goals’.
So, as you delve the wondrous yet secret world of the erm, entrepreneur, and feel, possibly for the first time, that icy clutch of the fingers, nay, the very claws of debt and ridicule as you scrabble about at ebay for that first Β£2.40 plus Β£3.00 P&P – just don’t give up; rather set a goal! It may seem like some distant desert island dream at the moment but set it all the same – and think upon it as your first ‘sale’ actually nets you less than jiffy-bag cost and postage!
(It’s all a learning-curve – don’t worry! We’ve all been there!)

Strangely last week, as I re-kicked-off my quest for Profit, a ‘goal’ did slip silently into my mind.
Nothing grand, for the initial test of the system, but a sound test all the same. The time-limit for the completion of the goal is next Tuesday and already, after just one trading weekend, it has really been accomplished. But another (this) trading weekend will be added into it for good measure as the costs of the ‘goal’ are one thing but there may be one or two additional expenses.
The secret of Goals is just that. They must be totally secret while you’re working on them or the magic may be lost – so, sorry, no sneak previews – but that maybe a fairly strong clue!
I have also a longer-term fun goal running too as a kind of ‘impossible’ experiment. I’m not sure how it’s progressing yet as results may be slow and imperceptive at first.

So, as my second trading week draws pennilessly to a close, I’ll set a few more goals…Jaguars are nice!
Why not join me?
It hasn’t rained here for eight minutes so the macs were draped over chair-backs gleefully and we began to plan an outing. Yes, indeedy. Nothing flash mind as around here, within seconds, Arctic conditions can descend throwing the whole section of the globe into mega cooling mode.
We nipped up Bury. Not, on this occasion, to empty a Credit-Card in some newly-built and fledgling retail emporium, but simply to have a walk around and see if we could find the car again.
And to check upon the exact location of a certain ‘venue’ that we will be visiting next week.
All went well and despite a sense of being totally lost among the new and huge sales-complex, eventually The Market, and its familiarity, was strolled in bright sunshine.
Needless to say a minor goal, a Black-Pudding from the Black-Pudding-Stall, was totally fullfilled – with mustard!


More debt.

In October, apparently, government borrowing was ‘up’ a little at Β£10,300,000,000.00p.

Financial pundits in the public read all sorts of graphs and figures into this but I prefer to pay it little mind. It may be frightfully important – I don’t know – it is not my worry. And as the rest of the country – especially the government – seem indifferent, so will I be.

But the figure of ten billion is interesting to the logical mind where ‘borrowing’ is strictly controlled. Ten billion is merely ten with a shedload of noughts. Or even, for those with smaller minds, a one with even more noughts!

And most folk could do something to make (not borrow) Ten pounds. Then, later, it just takes a little time for ones brain to register, accept, then begin to compute and ‘make’ a simple Β£ten, but followed by all those noughts!

And, more importantly; once you’ve ‘made’ one Β£ten…
…governments stare in awe…

Mind you, if you can’t ‘make’ one pound I’d be tempted to euthenase!


Is it, I thought looking at my wife’s distraught face as she lay in the silence on ‘her’ couch, the very ‘end of the world?’
Then I realised. There was no TV on. No. Silence. The room was literally, as the grave. No TV. For some this is life without meaning and I grabbed the remote with a vengeance.
But nothing. Not a peep.
A DVD sufficed for an hour or two but even Angelina Jolie cavorting as Salt could only part-ease the underlying problem.
We had no TV reception.
What is on, it seems, is of little matter; it is simply the fact that ‘It’s On’ that somehow keeps (at least one of) the masses subdued during waking hours. I’ve always found that sticking a stamp on an envelope is more interesting – well, for most of the time – and it costs far less!
But the local directory did list one or two techies able to help in our time of need and the very next day one such called and with a hefty ladder and a smile, ascended the heights to our chimney and its TV ariel.
Within perhaps an hour, and with a fair old length of wire, reason, sanity and above all NOISE, were once again restored to our lounge – and the picture was better too. Apparently recent winds and rain had torn off the old wire from our ariel.
The Price? Oh nothing deficit-forming honestly – far less than Β£50 shall I say. Thank heavens TV ariels are Private Sector.
I’ve been after a fresh Brown Bin for yonks….nothing so far….
But for urgent ariel work:07971 671344 – they’re in Bolton and they’re good.

Nearly up to speed!

It’s surprising how fast you go off the boil when you stop doing things. I had to stop ‘work’ for a short while as folk were all around offering to buy my house for about half its value. Sorry folks, I just had to stop that as, well, I do happen to live and ‘work’ here and the place is MINE!
And, upon taking stuff to post I find my estimates for postal charges are somewhat lacking. But not to worry; the wheels of industry are again turning (slowly) and soon I’ll be able to cast a knowing eye at a Mail-Order parcel and say, “That’ll be four pound fifty!” as my sub-postmaster does before weighing the things! So a few minor glitches won’t hurt as the machinery of business again begins to beat and whizz and I again adopt my role as local Oligarth.
I’ve done this kind of work for a while and normally things do run quite smoothly. But even so, as stated, a few glitches always creep-in, regardless of how much experience you may have, to stifle Profit a little.
So as the proposed 500,000 from the public eventually join me in the comparative squalor of The Private, I wish them well. A rude-awakening indeed is on the cards.
If it ever happens. And then they’ll be on more weekly pension than I get in a year…

Make some friggin’ MONEY!

If some dude can pull over Β£50,000,000.00p for an old vase surely a normal person can make a wedge normally!

I dunno. It might be possible in this day of claustrophobic taxation! Anyway I don’t have a choice so last weekend I shoved a few old bike bits for sale at Ebay. This weekend several of the bits have sold and it’s time to post em’.

Yes, this does mean work that nasty, nasty four-letter-word that can get you into all kinds of bloody debt! But here…no debt. I was given an old bike and some of the bits were ‘wrong’ so I took ’em off – they’ve been sold. The tiny bit of cash in so far will help post the items.

Why not join me eh? Try and pull a few quid – but you got to get legal or the Revenuers will have you! πŸ™
Check-out the articles on the right. Then dive-in! There are millions of folk out there having a hard time – call here and see if ‘working’ really does ‘work’!
And, as you do it, Make some friggin’ money!

Survive the cuts!

Some of us that delve the ins and outs of the Private Sector have done so for yonks and do know that our very being is dependent on those in the public sector not taxing us too much.
But, fear not, for a little ‘Self-Help’ in that area is at hand.
One of the biggest taxation areas is that of legal drugs – in this first instance – nicotine. Many folk pay-out Β£30 per week, or much more, funding this much-maligned yet mind-calming pastime.
Take a quick read at our ‘Stop Smoking!’ article. Then, when you’ve time call back and really get into it!
It was a good day for the taxman (Β£16,000,000.00p) when this vase sold.