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Cut-Price fines?

City Index, the firm of ex tory treasurer Michael Spencer, has been fined £490,000.00p by the FSA.
Apparently a new computer registered plusses as minusses to result in some very dodgy accounts!
The fine, the FSA point-out, should have been £700,000.00p, but was reduced by 30% for a quick settlement!


Even the revenuers are in trouble, the tax office is being ‘investigated’ by The National Audit Office over the Vodaphone £6,000,000,000.00p saga. I wonder who will ‘investigate’ them?



Public debt ever rises and in (vain) attempts to counter it the revenuers begin to get nasty. Where to strike first? Big business? Tax-avoiders?
No. The first to start getting spurious ‘bills’ are…
James Bond and Sherlock Holmes; two of the greatest fictional character ever imo.
Two present-day authors have been given the task of ‘resurecting’ them in forthcoming books – Jeffrey Deaver will write ‘Carte Blanch’ – a new James Bond novel and Anthony Horowitz will write a Sherlock Holmes book to be published around September.
Mr. Horowitz does the Midsomer Murders stuff – mmmm…they tend to send Mrs Condor to sleep?? And Daniel Craig is a fine actor but I’m not sure he’s ‘James Bond’. Mind you, who is there to follow Sean’s spot-on portrayal?
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It’s nice to see umpteen mainly elderly folk being re-imbursed by a major bank. Yep, £60,000,000.00p must be returned as compensation for a dodgy investment scheme. A huge sum in most eyes, but a mere bagatelle for a massive bank.

A job?

There are not many of those about so perhaps a few articles on making a job of your own might be usefull.
Making money is what it’s all about and these days that isn’t easy – in fact it’s nigh-on impossible. But for those wishing to read about the initial process (from one actually doing it!) check-out the ‘Starting a Business’ tab above.
Borrowing £500,000.00p is one way to start – but I prefer the start from literally nothing.


At first glance the news (mail) that ‘entrepreneur’ Emma Harrison and her ‘successful’ company A4e are to (literally!) rid the country of unemployment within five years, seemed good. A five-minute delve online revealed however that the ‘firm’ is government funded, yet they publish a ‘turnover’ figure (£190,000,000.00p) for 2010?? Mmmm, the Price of a job eh?

‘Private’ companies operating (again literally) within the nhs are also in the news (Mail). Bisto for some eh?

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If you’re into or thinking about running a cafe on the high-street think again – Sainsbury’s are getting into it nationally so the little-people will soon be forced out. Will everything, one day, be owned and run by the big supermarkets? That seems to be their agenda! Never mind – more customers are on the way Emma…every cloud…

A must read this morning!

Littlejohn. I need write nothing else really.
There’s quite a bit of ‘public’ squabbling:
Van Rumpole, or whatever his name is, wants the GB budget to be approved by the eu…expect a few brilliant new Farage videos at youtube!
…and ladies, many of whom, for years, have fought tooth and nail for equality (with men) can breath a sigh of victory!
Soon you’ll be retiring at 65 like us – well done!
Boris says he’ll install driverless tube-trains…why not, they’ve had ’em for years in other countries.
A tankfull of petrol is a tankfull of petrol. But now you need about 70 of our ever value-losing pounds to buy one!
Not to mention baccer at nearly ten quid!!!!!


I’m rather glad, today, that I’m not on that Saga cruise ship! Such holidays sound good but …pirates!… erm, no, not my idea of fun!

And 5,000 people queue for 100 job vacancies at Southampton Airport.
Mmmm…mind you, being a bin-man or a tube-train driver does, it seems, suggest that some work is lucrative…and, at the beeb older folk only work a few days a month…

Good job?

It takes me all me time to sell an inner-tube, at a profit, these says so I don’t envy the Portugese salesmen. They going to sell 1,250,000,000 Euro’s of debt. ???

And, apparently, Britons don’t worry about debt until they are bogged-down with about £16,000.00p of it. (Not including mortgage)
They used to say if you had half a million pounds of debt you had a problem, but if you had ten million pounds of debt…your bank has a problem!

Well hidden!

Archaeologists have discovered a 6,000 year-old wine-making plant in a remote cave in Armenia.
It’s nice to know they had priorities right even in those days! Why remote though? Mind you – the tax rates on booze might have been suicidal then too!