Monthly Archives: February 2011

Fun Time 2.

Yep water-bills going up so it’ll be even harder to keep afloat soon so better not rock the boat with me posts! Just go with the flow and the tide of opinion.
Of course it’s all bloody tax. If they could they’d tax the bloody air – but I don’t want to dwell on that in case they see this post and actually do it! What they’d do is tax air going in and carbon dioxide coming out. So there’s be loads down Radcliffe stood outside the pub holding their breath!
They don’t go in the pub because you can’t smoke there, so they stand outside now.
But I read this morning that they’re thinking of cutting petrol price by 22p a gallon ‘in rural areas’ like the islands off Scotland. Good grief! They don’t even have cars there do they? Some of ’em don’t even have people – they’ve got to be having a laugh with that one! And, it’ll cost ’em £5.00 a gallon to run the scheme! More bloody debt!

Fun time?

We’ve had a bit of sunshine here lately – amid the rain that is – so many Silver-Surfers might feel it a good time to come out of winter hibernation and blink cautiously at the spartan sun!
During this winter’s enforced self-imprisonment further forays into making a mint have been looked-into and, after quite a few midnight-oil burning sessions, stuff has been written and submitted to Amazon for Kindle (and other) readers. Doing the ‘books’ is one thing but all the ‘button-clicking’ to actually get registered etc, is a nightmare! But it’s been done.
I like to look at web-sites that feature all the impossible buildings of the world and the theories for construction and use go from the sublime to the ridiculous (as ever!). Gawd, a few years back in the old mills you’d go in at six o’clock at night and come out at six o’clock in the morning and shift paper by the ton with a six-inch wedge (twister) and your hands and arms. In one mill I worked at the reel truck – made of wood sometime in the Jurrassic – was submitted to a uni for dendrochronology tests – and teeth marks on an old meat pie they found in the ‘broke’ (unusable paper) mountain were Neanderthal! So I look at the old stones not as impossible stuff but as a (quiet) nights work! (Impossible stuff has been shifted, for psychiatric reasons, to another web-site!)
I see from todays news that water-bills are going up – some to over £500 per year. Ours is still just below and it’s frightening. Mind you, you should have seen my Guinness bill when I was working in mills as above!
And vehicle fuel – bloody hell! I wouldn’t mind but the roads around here – except at peak times – (when dole office is open) are empty! I’m expecting, at any time, to see someone delivering stuff using a horse and cart – the trouble is, who knows how to drive one? (Mmm…a Bus-Op there shortly! – with a ‘Garden Fertilizer’ sideline?)
Anyway I must, this year, make a bit of cash as if I don’t my wife says I must re-train in a ‘modern’ job (She makes flat-caps for yokels) but I don’t fancy a Student Loan of £20,000.00p in order to learn how to flog an inner-tube for £3.00p – as I start to draw me pension of about ninety-quid a week – which, at the moment, will be like winning the bloody pools!