Tuesday fun again!

There is quite a bit of fun about, if you look.
Some m.p.’s – not medical folk you notice – say we should get twenty minutes of sun a day to guard against ‘brittle-bones’. While medical folk say if you go out use a sun-cream.
What a quandry!
Mind you, here near Manchester the concept ‘Sun’ is a fleeting one. So, if need be, I’ll nip out, tend me spuds in me mac and with me umberella as I always have!
And I’m sure there’s not much wrong with my bones – in fact at times I feel I could offer meself as a temp. to our council – for the (published today!) ‘going-rate’ of course! (£1,250 a day!)
Expensive? Oh no, the council doing it say they don’t have to pay pension contributions, holiday pay, and worry about redundancy pay so compared to what they’re used to it’s cheap. But to camouflage the story they shove-out guff about sunshine and brittle-bones!
I love the concept of ‘Marketing’.
Not for me here to really define it but some research bods at some (funded) uni have done research into what they construe as Marketing; they’ve done a study on folk doing their weekly ‘food’ shop online via the big supermarkets (see, ‘Marketing 🙂 )
Of course they conclude that ‘We’ are fed-up with doing it online, and ‘we’ are going back to normal footslog shopping.
Their research was published in some European Journal of Marketing – that fact alone should ring the warning-bells!
This ‘article’, obviously an advert placed by the big supermarkets, was expected as folk ditch expensive travelling and corner-shop or buy evermore from online sources. When my online ordered shopping is delivered the roundsman (and, he tells me, his mates) is always happily very, very busy with many ‘drops’ both done and to do.
That, folks, is on the spot, nitty-gritty research based on facts and not the whims and fancies of sheep – and as such is worthy of publication here and not in some bailed-out Euro magazine. (It also did not cost any tax-payer one penny!)
Whenever I see ‘we’ in a headline I suspect some real, underlying, propagandic Marketing! I’m usually right.
I’ve always been a fan of fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirrot. In fact, for fun mainly, I have jotted a few half-baked stories in that genre myself.
(It’s absolutely hissing-down outside! So much for sun-cream.)
So today, as I read that real-life detectives, armed with all that DNA equipment and a veritable army of boffins that know how to use it, can solve real-life crimes within an hour – just as their TV counterparts, I begin to feel that old concept – so familiar to those of elderly ilk – again creeping closer…
Not for me, but for the DNA detectives, TV or otherwise. For without ‘me’ their hi-tech, wondrous lifestyles are un-affordable and always were.
For years I’ve listened to women bleating about ‘equality with men’ particularly in the workplace.
When offered it regarding the pension age hell it seems, hath no friggin’ fury!

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