Wednesday fun!

I’m a bit late today as Firefox (yes I’m stone-age here) decided to update etc. so I think I’m in the 2000’s now. It doesn’t look any different so perhaps it’s just a shedload of spam that’s gorn into my harddrive. I’ll sort it later!
There’s not really much fun about but certain folk are on about ‘Quantative Easing’ again. I.e. they’ll print rather than borrow to pay their way for a few days!
Meself I like the harder way of doing things. You know, selling something. But that, apparently, doesn’t work anymore – and it’s easier just to make (well, import?) a few bank-notes!
Mind you govern-mental borrowing was £1.1 billion down last month so a few might not have got their Giro’s!
Pic above is of a football-pitch at York that’s been ‘jobsworthed’!

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