Thursday fun.

That nice Mr. Clegg wants to give me a shedload of shares it seems. A nice thought perhaps but they’re not much use just yet.
You have to hold them untill they go-up to a certain level, then you can sell and keep the ‘profit’. But then the initial £1,000 share ‘value’ goes back to govern-mental vaults.
Anywhere else they’d call that money-laundering!
And you’ll be taxed on the ‘profits’ (if there are any!) and there will be (undisclosed!) commission(s) to pay.
It’s supposed to be a way by which tax-payers can be ‘re-funded’ for the bank bail-outs. So by rights it should only go to folk that, at the time of the bail-outs, were paying tax!
That should lower the ‘customer-base’ by a good 75%!
And who will do the ‘paperwork’? Most folk in the public will be on-strike anytime now!

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