Saturday fun.

It’s supposed to be really hot here according to the well-funded weather folk but it’s not.
And another, similarly fed, expounds, scapegoatingly perhaps, that the biggest threat to (GB) recovery is a Euro meltdown.
Meanwhile, canny ‘owners’ of the RAC turnkey operation, seeing the way everything ‘car’ is (not) panning-out, ditch it for readies. Why not, when over half of everything you pull, after some mega salary deductions, ends-up funding not so far-off lands.
Not to mention kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, which are, right now, just that bit harder to get!
Any ‘recovery’, or non-recovery, will have nothing at all to do with anything ‘europe’ but everything to do with deck-chairs. Or, rather, the ability to profitably, just sit in one!
Today’s picture is of potato plants. You prepare a well compost-enriched bed, plant suitable ‘seeds’ in it – in neat rows for ease later – then sit-back and watch.
Sun is good. Rain is good.
And later, as a reward for all that graft (?) the profit is extremely tasty!
To cultivate many such beds is recommended!

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