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Entrepreneurial fun!

The other day my wife ventured this east-wing dug-out at ‘Condorosa’ and stood aghast, “It’s like a bloody junk-shop!,” she said.
Strangely I had been reading that ‘Charity’, ‘Junk’, and ‘Second-Hand’, taken as Retail concepts, were more or less the only ‘High-Street’ ventures actually with bloody customers!
Lately Bicycles are very much on a ‘high’ as car-fuel of one type or another slowly prices itself off the general public markets. So further venturing this huge leisure/transport sector may be viable.
Today I read that the big Internet concerns, Facebook, Linkdin (?) Google, Amazon etc. are worth £billions not just mere £millions.
Of late too the ‘Re-Cycling’ concept is flavour of the decade as it saves customers, companies and indeed countries much cash but can, if instigated carefully, create much badly-needed real employment, i.e. JOBS!!!.
As ever the sales concept of FREE is upon everyone’s debt-conscious mind. Mmmm…
So, being a bit of a guru (?) in such matters I combined all of the above concepts and HERE is the result.
A very much Reconditioned-Bicycle orientated Online Junk-Shop called…wait for it…Oopart.
Oopart, in archaeological and writing fields is the name given to something that’s an Out Of Place ARTefact and Oopart, the site, has loads of ’em!
For NEW Bicycle Parts try Bicycle Inner Tubes and, if needed, speak to a real person about the bits you need for your bike.

Monday again – more fun!

I’ve got to put a turbine picture here today because I saw a really good gag about them yesterday at a newspaper website.
There was an article about energy generation and all that clap-trap and a commenter said, “How on earth can a bloody windmill put gas into my central heating boiler and/or hob?”
a cracker eh?
I telephoned the Pension Service last week and they’ve sorted my Old Age Pension payment(s) which will commence in late November.
If I work when getting pension I don’t need to pay any NI stamp etc. so I’ve really been getting the ads. out there!
I’m now hunting around to see if there are any ‘grants’ going for ‘new’ businesses in the ‘Recycling’ line…

Saturday fun.

We get freebie newspapers locally and one yesterday said that our bin-collection would soon be fortnightly instead of weekly. And, we’re getting yet another bin! That’ll be four ‘Daleks’ to a house locally! You’ll need a day off work just to put ’em out soon.
It can’t be due to ‘cuts’ as borrowing is up on last year! So, where is all this cash actually going?
An interesting subject!

Thursday fun!

Y’know folk that are ‘corporate’ could take a leaf from the Google book of desperate survival lately. The Global company pulls over £20,000,000,000.00p a year yet pays coppers in tax! Last year Google UK Limited ‘lost’ £22,000,000.00p!
Ireland, Netherlands, Bahamas apparently charge only back-pocket-change tax-rates.
Ebay is doing ok too – largely thanks to Paypal.


Wednesday fun!

Quite busy here despite the rain and gloom – News Corp up by 6% – gawd, I hate being right all the time!
The bright yellow races on too – with plenty of time for a medium-term ride while the sheep play with the also-rans!

Wet Monday fun!

Yep, it’s still raining here but who cares? It’s okay sat in the deck-chair indoors!
The steady yellow stuff ever rises and indeed makes much news as all else seems to dissolve to nothing in this age of debt and taxation.
A few frightened voices scream about lowering vat – too late guys – what’s done is done.
And one of the dynamic duo warns of mega job-losses euro, nay, world wide this time.
Mind you an old-fashioned transport mode still, it seems, brings-in a pound for the careful investor and really staying afloat only needs a few of those.
Mmmm…wotch News Media….rock-bottom at the moment…as was bank of Ireland when I mentioned…

Sunday fun?

It seems a little ‘quieter’ on the public ‘crisis’ front lately – mind you, take a look back – check-out ‘old posts’ about ‘crises’.
Then consider the various tax-hikes/fuel-hikes/’cuts’ of late.
Cuts? Spending is up, not down…
Same old eh?