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Fun advice?

Many folk, according to today’s mail, are taking-on second jobs in order to earn a little more every month. So, being seemingly topical, the Mail gives out a little advice, on additional taxation, that a second-job will deem you pay. The article headline reads: ‘As Del Boy once said, “Do you fancy a nice little earner on the side?”‘
And therein is the crux of the main problem.
Well, it was Arthur Daley that posed that question, not Del Boy!
(So what’s the rest of the ‘advice’ like?)
A swift income-boost arrived yesterday and profit from the initial £1.75 now stands at £29+. That’s profit not turnover.
A huge ‘downer’ to the time-strapped entrepreneur is the sheer amount of unsolicited sales-calls by telephone – they invariably begin, “Can I speak to the business-owner please?”
Lately, it’s been noticed, that some ‘silent’ calls suddenly come-up with a distant ringing-tone – which means that you are actually calling them!!! and may be, if they answer, charged for the call!
Putting receiver down quickly, prevents this!
During this month (we here are now told by auto-letter) our (very small) overdraft facility at our bank (mentioning no names!) BARCLAYS! was temporarily exceeded by £2.08p. (Possibly caused by bank holiday???)
The charge is £22.00p!

Sales fun?

It’s reported that ‘The Economy’ is a bit sluggish at the moment.
As a ‘test’, over the past few days, I’ve punted a small fortune (actually £1.75p) at a simple ‘investment’ method that would, normally, pay for, at least, my total Internet connection package (phones, ‘net, line-rental etc) which can be £30 – £40 per month.
I set a rough ‘goal’ of £10 by the end of the month and so far I’m just a few pence shy of that target. A time-waster meant the ‘loss’ of a £10.00 sale too.
So for those out there desperately trying the times are indeed tough and many may just opt for the easy way out (give-up?) – there’s no fun in work with little or no reward.
It must be sheer hell for those with employees that need paying, premises with sky-high rents, and, possibly, large loans or overdrafts.
It was though Bank Holiday weekend and so the ‘test’ will carry-on for perhaps another month to see where it leads in this brave, new, customer-less world!
Holidaying bloggers; well fed and sangria’d in warmer, more bailed-out climes, will doubtless be further imbibing, as the news (surely) permeates even the sleepy droves of those temporarily revelling, within the near-tropical Athenian tundra, that: “United got eight!”
In a bid to save cash (?) my own local council (Bury) is to buy 22 ipad thingies to enable our bin-men to record rubbish recycling ‘trends’ etc.
The total cost will be in the region of £9,000.00p.
Within a few weeks the ipads and the story, (and our cash!) will all be long-gone and forgotten…nine grand just another molehill on the mountain of govern-mental waste.

Musical fun?

Apparently some E-books are to be given musical bits that play while you read the text.
Some say good, some say bad, but, if you want, try to read while a bit of music plays. It’s quite hard to concentrate on the two things (reading and listening) at the same time!

Swiss fun?

I’ll have to watch it a bit as that nice Mr. Osborne says he’s after me cash wherever I shove it for safe-keeping!
In the Mail too one reporter (?) finally twigs that to folk govern-mental ‘a crisis’, or to be more accurate in these potty times, ‘crises’, are entirely beneficial! They are and always have been.
Meanwhile here and across the pond the presses are oiled and greased in readiness…
Meself I prefer to make a copper or two…despite the quiet on every High Street and Way…
Mmm…all the rain grows the grass!

Bank Holiday fun!

So far this weekend it’s throwing it down around here – so much for Bank Holiday!
But a teeny-weeny bit of £ has materialised despite the ‘holiday’ which seems to have fulfilled the initial ‘goal’ aim (£10 profit by end of August).

Traffic free fun?

Two nice bikes in the news yesterday as Kelly & Boris promoted London’s traffic-free day – September 4th 2011. They call it ‘Skyride’. (Here, at this website, ‘traffic-free’ has a slightly different slant to it! 🙁 )
Kelly was riding a modern version of an old Classic bike – ideal for urban riding while Borris, it looks like, had a real old Classic to ride – like mine it has cotter-pins! (Yikes!!) Of course they ride for fun – and the photographers, I ride a bike out of sheer neccessity!
Mind you a late investment return has bolstered the recent investment returns by £2.21! So the Bentley gets ever nearer!
Returns now stand at an eye-watering £8.29 for a £1.75 initial stake. (Plus of course expenses – now over £12.00p.)

Railway fun soon?

Railways, abroad, seem to do okay. It is only over here that there always seem to be problems with rail-travel.
At present our railways are subsidised by taxpayers (as are buses) but this, according to the eu, must be stopped. So, there are, for the wicked, fun-times ahead at the railways!
Or, we’ll be chucked-out of the eu. Yeah, right. Then what would they do for mug-money?
In France, apparently, all the millionaires are simply begging to be taxed at higher rates. (Beeb website) So, they’re imposing an extra 3% ‘Special’, ‘Crisis’, ‘Windfall’, ‘One-off’, tax on the French super-rich.
Strangely, as with all taxes, imposing one takes minutes, removing it, after the ‘crisis’, never seems to happen. But they’ve always ‘had a way way’ with rich folk in France though – historically.
And talking of tax…the i.r. over here is, it bleats, unable to collect quite large sums of it for one reason or another.
See my earlier posts about …’…thousands of wannabe’s trying unsuccessfully to do the work of one entrepreneur…’ – that’s the real reason. Myself, when faced with something that has been non-viable literally since its inception, simply say to myself, ‘Why bother?’ Right away the ‘loss’ situation is obviated and time can be better spent!
There’ll be a bit of belt-tightening in, wait for it…Germany by the looks of things as those literally firing the financial engine deem things too risky? costly? or just not worth the aggro as the indexes slide, even there, down the slippery slope. Recession, depression, correction, there are myriad names applied to it but it’s actually just holiday-time for those of the entrepreneurial ilk. A deck-chair on a beach while the readies stay safe in a nicely weighted yellow-metal brick.
Oh, the £1.75 ‘investment’ malarky is all over now and was only a bit of fun. (What else, here?) It realised, after all expenses, £6.08p which is, more or less, £2 back, £2 for tax, and £2 to do it again with! Operating expenses though were a whopping £11.50p. Such is Big Business lately and the reason why old Atlas shrugs, turns over in his deck-chair, and goes back to sleep. (About half of the £6.08 has been re-punted for later this week.)

Fun and gold!

Mmm…gold still rises in ‘value’ and nears the $2,000/oz mark. Some will still invest but the real canny punters were in there ten or fifteen years ago!
Then you could buy the stuff for less than it cost to mine!
Nowadays they’re stripping computers and mobile ‘phones in order to salvage microscopic traces of it!
But this is what happens when ‘money’ is treated with contempt – i.e. borrowed as if it’s trash.
The ‘fun’ part of all this is of course the armies of politicians and jobsworths – now eurowide – that ever tax and tax again in a vain attempt to, collectively, do the work of just one entrepreneur.
I.e. – make a profit!
Sadly, at govern-mental levels, such folk are un-affordable!
I’ve been reading about all the uni’ student-fee loan malarky and it’s getting to be quite silly.
I mean, what can you possibly teach that could be worth that amount of (loaned at interest!) cash?
So for all the skint students I’ll save you umpteen years of time-wasting study and a veritable mortgage in amassed fees; all you need really know is this:
Buy something for £1.00p. Sell it for (a minimum of) £3.00p.
£1.00p you get back. £1.00p is needed for tax. £1.00p is profit. The next time you buy you can buy two….
As time goes on you’ll find that the decimal point in the scenario above moves slowly, through a line of ever-increasing noughts, to the right…like this…£30.00p, £300.00p, £3,000.00p…simples.
There is little, for the entrepreneur, in the academics of uni’ courses – they’re more like erm… ‘hobbies’, if you see what I mean.
In the scenario above there are two items which may be deemed ‘costs’, a) the purchase price, and b) the taxation. These greatly hamper the truly entrepreneurial but, with experience, may be obviated as basic learning transcends to ‘With Honours’ levels.

Profitable fun?

Established 2006

Still going okay here and the good news is that the Bike Industry, as a whole, contributes about £3,000,000,000.00p to the British economy! Mmmm…so far I’ve got about £8 of that! (And that was taxed!)

Real fun!

There is a bit of real fun about here this morning as investment reaches the giddy heights of (over) £25 for a £1.75 stake – there are minor expenses, but nothing much, to deduct later. Mind you I’ve allowed for most.
Perhaps a further, slightly higher investment this week is on the cards.