Sunday sermon…

It’s been reported that posters from another website are nipping here for a read. If they should call…
Mornin’ all!
Good grief! The Mail has it that we’ll punt £13 billion on Christmas, for online sales! Mmmm…I think I’ll clear-off down the High Street for a bit of peace and quiet this Yule!
But what do folk expect?
Rents, rates, power and insurance on physical shops are sky-high, so a shedload of stock, mailed from a bedroom, costs far less to off-load – and you might just pull a pound or two on top!
It’s all very well for well-heeled folk out there with their trendy lap-tops.
Here’s what I have to contend with.
It was built in 1951 to do ‘sums’ for a shop. Apparently it worked very well running on Archers-Slit (Wattle and Daube Edition) with Thatch Office and Wode-Shop Pro!
Strangely, while in a computing mode, some MP’s are whingeing that IT firms are ‘ripping the government off’ with their prices.
Well, it makes a change doesn’t it? You’ve got to cover the damned tax overheads!
Hang on, I’ll just put a Paypal tag on that old computer picture!
But it’s Sunday and really this blog should feature more religious subjects.
Gold’s up a bit!
Interestingly archaeologists have discovered a fourth wartime escape tunnel leading into Poland.
Sadly gardeners around here, burying a bit of compost, have discovered hundreds of ’em coming from Poland!
Scientific archeologists studying the 1.9 million-year-old bones of Australopithecus Sediba say there’s a bit of skin still on them.
It tends to support the theory that contemporary Sabre-Toothed cats, or other hominids, at meal-times, were picky.
Should, they say, a clove of garlic be found within an eye-socket or tooth-cavity, it would really season the debate!
Vegetarian archaeologists declined to comment as it might pour salt on the wounds of what was a bone of contention.
Mmmm…I wish I could afford a bike like that!

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