Monday mayhem?

That’s Kurt and Goldie, in the clear air of Los Angeles, having a ride on their bikes. Meanwhile, in good old GB, you need a smog-mask!
Yes, the fog, all over GB, has even grounded planes at Heathrow. Govern-mental folk will be wondering what has caused it…
Could it be coal-fires?
No, they were banned years ago – it’s got colder as a result.
Could it be industry?
No, there isn’t any. We banned some of it, the rest just faded away.
Could it be cars?
No. Most of ’em nowadays have no emmisions…(yeah, right!)
What could it be?
Maybe Harry Potter isn’t fiction?
Close enough, we’ll go with that!
Ban Harry Potter!!!!!
Actually the fog is caused by buses.
The good news is that folk govern-mental are going to build some ‘Affordable Housing’. They’ll tax a few bankers out of existence, knock-up a shedload of wattle and daube ‘houses’ and, while a normal unaffordable ( 🙂 ) house is say £100,000 they’ll offload the new ones – with a cut-price deposit (or none at all)- to every possible homeless person for say £50,000.00p.
Great eh? The gratefull homeless get in one of these, flog it (still cheap for £75,000.00p) get a nice used BMW and rent a flat.
Bankers take-up knitting. Well, usually that doesn’t burn your fingers.
All the builders go back on the dole (till the next scheme).
And the tax-payers sit around wondering where all the money, and jobs, went.
It’s Northern Rock, with Leggo.
Mmm, a nice Roady there Sarah. Pity about the non-yeilding ISA!
Inner-Tubes, carefully inflated, offer a far better return.

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