Tuesday trifles…

It’s foggy again here so a few planes might be grounded again. Mind you, there’s always a Boris-Bike whatever the weather – especially if you’re vocationally embarrassed at the moment.
That nice Mr. Cameron says that getting the deficit down is harder than he fort…well, stop adding to it chuck, it’ll go down – every Bob or two will help…if you ask nicely and cut that ball of red-ribbons to size!
Meanwhile a really good photograph has been sent in by a reader. (In itself a rarity!)
It is of a scene slowly eroding as the winds of time scour it relentless. Soon, all that may be left is something to sell cheap to that nice Mr. Branson…
Locally, well, in Rochdale, Macdonalds is finally set to close.
Watch-out for the website!
It can happen to any of us! Well, I thought me first pension-payment was last Friday. It isn’t. Me pension starts on Friday. So I’ve got nowt yet. In fact, by now, I’ve probably got…
A Deficit!!!
Yikes, trendy at last!

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