Wednesday welcome…

Foggy again! But a little clarity is always here! At the BBC site someone asks, ‘Why are so many Britons quitting Australia?’
Gawd, haven’t you watched Neighbours?
And the price of pipe-lighter fuel is now £1.20 a friggin’ can! But if pipe-smokers stopped the deficit would rise by 84%!
I should worry – entrepreneurs at Austrian ski-resorts haven’t seen snow for yonks! Global warmin’ eh? Plays havoc doesn’t it? (deck-chairs…deck-chairs…deck-chairs…got it?) Good grief, here, in the north you can ski on the frost never mind the snow!
A reader, normally surgically conjoined to the ‘net or Manchester United matches on TV, has finally been out. Intrigued he discovered Littleborough and was astounded to find that all land isn’t flat!
And the pub he found was where an aunt had her fortieth. (He probably had his laptop with him…)
The good news is that The Marquis of Bath has got a new, younger, wife. She’s from New Zealand. Strewth, it must be as bad as bloody Australia!
Scholars are now sure that The Dead Sea Scrolls were written by a ‘Mysterious Sect’.
They had bloggers, big deal.
The scrolls were discovered at Qumran, Israel.

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