Friday funtime!

Yep, Friday and that nice Mr. Clegg kick’s-off the fun by announcing a ¬£1,000,000,000.00p plan to introduce ‘subsidised’ jobs, mainly for the million of unemployed 18 to 24 year-olds.
I wouldn’t mind some of that meself – get paid wages and the dole! Mind you, who’ll be able to provide subsidised jobs after being stung for a ¬£billion to pay for ’em? DOH!!!!
That nice Sir Phillip Green is to close 250 shops, shrink his business. I wonder if those govern-mental will heed this advice?
Watch out for the websites!
Deck-chair sales still rocket. Many orders from 17,500 ex- Nokia employees… and here’s me thinking the deck-chair business was folding…
I think me first Old Age Pension payment has now gone into bank.
So far I’ve had at least a ream of pulped-tree letters, booklets and envelopes telling me about it. No wonder the actual payment is just match-money!
And I might have to give it ’em back yet, it’s taxable. So, sorry, no jobs here for the NEETS! Can’t afford to do!
I’ve shifted all me ads from this site too. Get the idea Sir Phillip? Keep reading the newsletter old chuck – think Dale Farm not Mayfair and don’t go Taiwan for deck-chairs, go to Grimely, Yorkshire. They don’t notice all that saw-dust there and we need all the industrial based global warming we can get – it helps sell the bloody chairs! (Oh, he’s hard work poor lad!)
For a quickie punt gold’s in a dip, for long-term a few Euros, as curios, might do well for grandchildren – similar to antique Monopoly money…

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