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Really dull and misty out there this morning so doing a bit here is far better.
The old pc, hastily cobbled together from a few bits, is perfect running on Linux Mint. For a word-processor that ventures the ‘net with ease, this is all that’s needed – the really important bit (?) is of course The Chair.
Mmmm…in the news is that nice Mr. Hester of Bank Bonus fame. With his bonus he’d have pulled about £2,000,000.00p this year, which, as the poor lad is only PAYE will be decimated by our nice tax-men and women. Stuff that Stephen! You’d be better-off on benefits! Or E-bay. Or even friggin’ adsense!
There’s an advert on TV for, wait for it….The Money Advice Service – which is I believe, online. Here’s the rub…this service is run by…. The Government. So, when you get caught with the green eye-shield on while your printing-press knocks out sheet after sheet of the folding…are you merely following govern-mental advice? But best not go that route. Just borrow a £trillion instead.


Quite sunny here as another learning curve is slowly climbed. (Linux)
It’s okay but different with much time needed to actually keep it running instead of actually doing anything. It is fast though on Mint. lubuntu was faster but very basic (but what do you need?)
Got e-mails with no problem and will put up link to fatmanonthehill as soon as possible!
Greenfield, Stanedge, good for walks. Even better with 15 feet of snow over it. One of my old teacher’s died there in avalanche.

Thursday throes…

Bright sunshine here as lubuntu runs very well on the old pc! No more nasty, nasty Windows ‘Updates’ to contend with.
And, they’re thinking of upping basic tax threshold to £10,000.00p a year. Good news for oap’s that want to pull a copper or two, or, ninety-nine point nine nine percent of the northern, working population that can’t get into big money, tax-free benefits!

Wednesday woes?

A clearer morning here as new taxes for lorries are announced (they will, we’re told,’promote growth and employment’) while an oil refinery company goes bust! Public borrowing tops £a trillion as umpteen small-business owners say it’s no longer worth it…(so wots new?) and ‘wealth-creation’ now refers to benefits!
Ah well. I’ll weave a few more baskets…it’s just a hobby, nothing financially volcanic.

Monday madness?

The TV advertised, govern-mentally funded Money Advice Service pays its boss £350,000.00p per year inc. bonus.
So, what advice can he give? Pay your taxes?
(M.A.S. has 140 staff – to be reduced to 60 !!!!!)
That nice Mr. Shapps is still on about getting us old folk into sheltered digs, or downsize, so he can nick our houses!
Why not, Mr. Shapps, install all govern-mental workers in such (council) houses? (Thus freeing-up loads of up-market (?) properties for our Buy-To-Let and other wealth and job creating scams)
They (those so counciled) can then all be paid the same ‘salary’ (Unemployment – i.e. in the Private Sector – Benefit) from tax-funds, thus saving us old Private folks a fortune!
If folk can work in the public-sector then they should be proud to live in it and at its basic income levels.
Don’t like it? Then gerra job!
Owning a nice home, large or small, grand or modest, is one of the main aims and motivations achieved, not given as a ‘perk’, by working in the wealth-creating sector.
(I’m after a job at the Money Advice Service!)
Years ago (on ‘net) the news was that London, Westminster, was sinking. It is lower than the Thames water! (so wots new eh?)
Also, for some reason, household rubbish, in the North, was accumulating in streets – it may have been a strike or summat.
Then I wrote that the rubbish should be transported to London, spread, in order to raise-up our illustrious capital and indeed its buildings.
Had this been done, then, ten or fifteen years ago, our capital would now be elevated in the world, its politicians safely housed; ever the more confident to speak, knowing what their govern-mental base was steadfastly built upon!
What d’you think of it so far?

Sunday sermon…

Really windy today as the news is that The Palace of Westminster – yes, it houses the Parliament – is really sinking – Big Ben’s tower 18 inches out of plumb!
After shoving tube train’s and underground car-parks under it what do you expect?
Sorry, no freebie remedies here! Not that poli’s would like anyway!
Motor insurance, and its allied scams, is highlighted in the press too. I’m exempt so no comment!
Over the past few weeks, in the Mail, there have been three articles, in a series, about setting-up a business. (Sponsored of course!)
What you do is: send money and….
At the same time The Inland Revenue threaten all manner of punishments for those sending-in tax-returns late! (Inspectors may be, conveniently for the I.R., on strike! Good scam…good scam! ‘Fines’ are fine.)
The thing to do though is not worry – there’s always ‘Big Issue’ and a cool £25,000.00p to £30,000.00p a year, tax-free, to fall back upon…isn’t there?
Surely, what’s good for one self-employed bod is good for all?

Friday fun…

Murk and drizzle again here as photo’s in press show a massive Olympics ‘security’ operation try-out on the Thames. Meanwhile, on another page, we’re told that 5,000 illegal-immigrants filched £42,000,000.00p in benefits last year!
The tax-man says he’s after e-bayers again.* Another million will sign-on the dole…
*Ah, so that’s what the Olympics security operation really was!
There’s a great phrase being bandied about, it might have been coined by that nice Mr. Cameron. It is: ‘moral capitalism’.
Last night they tried to define it on Newsnight but haven’t a clue. Moral Capitalism is, simply, …actually looking for (minimum-wage?) work, in the BMW, while you’re on £30,000.00p a year tax-free benefits!
Yesterday I attempted, and failed, to perform Geriatric Capitalism. I tried to download (for free – hence, capitalistic) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, via my Kindle. The nice auto-web-site at Amazon said they’d sent it, but I didn’t receive it. So several Anglo-Geriatric expletives were silently directed toward Amazonian regions.
Sadly, we’ve got a new router and I hadn’t re-configured the Wi-Fi signal to the Kindle.

Thursday throes…

A murky, miserable morning here and the news, in general seems to match it.
Mind you, there is the fun and games involved with shoving the ‘right’ bin out in order to avoid local-govern-mental, pension-funding fines!
I’m working on a plan to go away abroad on holiday; to come back as an immigrant and get £25,000.00p + p. a. in umpteen benefits (tax-free of course!)  which make my O.A. pension look like back-pocket change! Or to squat in someone’s house for free – plus of course umpteen benefits, again, tax-free.
Then again all this cash will shortly be required to fund, via a few ‘laundering’ agencies, the eu. They want a trillion as back-up now.
Talking of back-pocket change: watch your coins. New ones, made of cheap steel (magnetic – they have been for years)  won’t fit many machines so the cost will be staggering. Once a machine is changed the old coins won’t fit it! Twenty years back copper coins had to be changed because the metal cost more than coin value! 🙂
Meanwhile the recent BBC move to Salford has boosted employment in that area – out of 3,000+ applications 24 local folk have got jobs – nearly all of them now earn £3 or £4 an hour (?) in some dogsbody job or other. ( dole but you work for it) I couldn’t work at the beeb. There’s no challenge…..