Monthly Archives: March 2012

Thursday things…

Fine and sunny again as the bike goes just off the beaten for a bit. Everywhere there’s horses! Big ones or small. Look through a hedge they’ll probably be there!
The next one’s a bit dark. It might be Crow Trees in the distance…
But reaching the reser this morning, at about 10.45, the sun was right on the water…you could see right down…
The annoying thing is this photo was taken close to the corner of the reser that always seems to be full of debris and junk – further along the path a 4X4 tyre is in the water floating???

Wednesday workout?

It was already quite warm at 9.45 this morning. Along the reser path a group of young cyclists, on expensive Mountain Bikes, zoomed past – their bikes built for speed over this kind of terrain. You could hear the big-tyre-hum from yards away.
Meself, these days, I like to tinker with a bike built for slowness and quiet, it seems to blend-in better with large stretches of still water by farms and farmland. And mine was very cost-effective 😉
And, from the top of the reser embankment, you can see for miles – if you take a minute to look.
Looking the other way you see sailing-boats!


Very bright sunshine made riding into it hard on the eyes this morning at about eight. It was cold too with frost on the grass at the farms.
At the reservoir the swans, already nearby, came over, expecting breakfast? Across the reservoir, and really out of the scope of my camera, a far more ‘active’ hunter searched for food in the far shallows.
At the canal it was a left turn toward Bury via Hinds Lane. The canal path here is narrow and there’s not a lot of room to fall off the bike and stay dry.
At the end of Hinds Lane civilization appeared – time to turn-back surely!

Monday mayhem?

Another clear dry morning ideal for a ride around the lanes. This morning I rode through the level-crossing and eventually came out at…HOUSES!!! Yikes! I turned back sharpish!
The camera; rather an old Kodak; is ok but the zoom doesn’t work. Maybe a newbie is on the cards…(Business Expense)…
There are some daffodils growing ‘wild’.
So I’m there this morning, at the top of the reservoir side. I need to go down a steep track to get down, which is about thirty or forty feet. So down I go in the pristine silence of a quiet Monday by the reservoir.
I pull me brakes on and yikes! You could have heard the judder-squeal in Bury! All the bird-life on the reser took off in sheer fright and distant cows, sheep and horses looked up in wonder.
So, when I got home, redly embarrassed every time I put me brakes on, I sorted a bit of back-wheel-wobble (cone-nuts and loadsa grease) and shoved new handlebars, brake-levers (Shimano! Snazzy!) cables and gave the cheapo callipers a proper ‘toe-in’ job. There’s no adjuster for this it’s just brute force, ignorance and a large shifter!
But jobs done and the new (wider) handlebars give far more control and the earth-shattering scream of rubber against old chrome and steel is gone.


Bright sunshine early today meant a tyre-pumping job, a saddle fitting job (the new one is much, much better)(Business Expense) and orf out for half-an-hour by the reservoir.
Although bright and sunny there was mist thick over the far hills this morning.

Saturday stuff…

Bright sunshine here and there’s a nice warm feeling as a fellow gardener (actually in Canada) discovers the cost (Mail-Order) of what are everyday plants here in UK. (I can’t export live plants to Canada – illegal) A massive Tinkering-mode there though without a doubt! See, warm feeling indeed – no car needed! Investment capital? Mmmm…not too difficult, and, as I read around at all the OAP backlash in the press about the budget, rather than simply whinge about it I’ll drastically cut my tax-bill on a weekly basis.
If all OAP’s (those affected that is) did this folk govern-mental would be in a (further) quandry!
I’m not going to buy tobacco.
If all OAP’S that smoke did the same – let’s say half of OAP’s smoke – that’s six million! Weekly (minimum) £10 per week tax each is about £60,000,000.00p per week paid-in as tobacco tax at a very conservative estimate. A tenner a week is, to me, £40 a month investment capital…plenty!
The government can shove that in their pipe and smoke it!
Is giving-up smoking a form of tax evasion?
I hope so!

Thursday things?

Bright sunshine with a slight mist here this morning as everything zips along like a spring breeze. We’re supposed to shove the Sky modem on today and change over so speeds should be better and connection more stable.
For ‘net use I’d got Chromium running through Gnome, but then Ed suggested (the beginnings of) Enlightenment for a desktop and, later, replacing old Chromium with something he’d been having a go with – Midori; as browser. It seems to work well after tinkering with Enlightenment a bit. Fast is a fair word for it. Strangely, I had to log back to Gnome for some reason and it’s then, when you go back to something that you realize just how slow something is! I was glad to get back to something more Edible…???
Outside the soil is drying-out a bit and will be far easier to handle when stuff is planted. A few seeds have been bought (business expense) and as a few more old plants (non-productive stuff) have been turfed-out of their comfort-zones, stuff with a more commercial-edge to it will be planted. It might look like something from The Waltons out there, but edible is edible! ?

Wednesday whiz???

A bit misty and unclear around here this morning as a new (possibly unfinished – Plug-in wise?) desktop system is tried out. So far Enlightenment adds even more speed to ‘net access particularly at logon or page-change. At last something does Chromium justice – on an ordinary, off the shelf, low ram pc. More in Tinkering (Computers) on Enlightenment – ongoing trial, a ‘big’ system that takes-up less than 20Meg on the drive! For those surfing most of the time a fast new mode with an uncluttered screen.