Monday August 13th 2012.

Bright and sunny for the ride around this morning. The camera – a spare as my usual has given-up the ghost – wasn’t charged so no pics! 🙂 But the first picture is one taken a few days ago of a weed-hedge and a megapuddle at Doffer Fold.
The next pic is of Giant Hogweed. Be carefull if you’re anywhere close to this – it’s only a plant but its sap is toxic to us mere mortals – it can cause severe burns to our skin if exposed, after contact with it, to sunlight.
Hogweed has now ‘seeded’ and the large seed heads, on top of eight foot (or more!) stalks, should die back naturally. The problem is a million seeds will be floating along rivers and streams ever-ready to root and set-up a new, soil leaching ‘colony’ of newly growing Hogweed plants. They prevent our normal wild plants from even existing.
Ditto Himalayan Balsam which is harmless (even edible) but even more invasive.
At Elton Reservoir swans, taking-off and landing on the water, were an awesome sight – and sound!
A ‘test pic’ with different camera…
This is Gunnera Manicata, nothing to do with Hogweed! It’s nearly three feet across those leaves.

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