Monday 20th August 2012.

A rainy old morning and only a few die-hard dog-walkers are about the lanes. But the swans and cygnets are about, feeding in the weeds. It’s strange to think that these now full-grown cygnets – still strangely grey – were, a few months ago, eggs!
Over the bridge to Elton Reservoir and the mist/rain/clouds are low…
On the big quad PC the processor fan, working overtime, was very noisy so Ed delved the ‘net and came-up with a fanless heat-sink that needs umpteen fixings on an Intel board yet only a simple clip on an AMD board – luckily it’s AMD here. The processor temperature with the fanned heat-sink was over fifty when compiling; the fan like something on an aeroplane for noise!
With the non-fanned heat-sink the temperature is just in the low thirties and, dead quiet. So it looks like the heat-sink is working well.

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