Monday August 27th 2012.

Rain in the air around the Radcliffe end of the canal this morning but ducks and swans all okay – the ducks flew in. Walkers feed the birds regularly at this end of the canal so I’m off to the Bury end to see the other pair of swans.
Normally the ‘Elton End’ swans feed just before the old scaffolded bridge by their nests, but lately the weeds all but block the water and the swans have moved toward Bury.
This part of the canal is in its original state – edging-stones and a dirt tow-path – with mooring-ring stones here and there. These days H. Balsam is everywhere and spreading fast. But the swans seem ok.
From the swans at the Hinds Lane end to Elton Reservoir and the view toward Holcombe Hill – clear today, with Holcombe fields visible from Radcliffe.
Swans on the reservoir too.
Rainy lanes and a fieldfull of Canada Geese on the way home.

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