Monthly Archives: September 2012

Friday 28th September 2012.

I think the world’s population of geese were in that first picture! It poured down earlier, but now I’m back inside, the sun comes out!
Went past the scaffolded bridge, up along Hinds Lane. It’s really water-logged along there and a Hawthorn tree is blocking some of the tow-path so be carefull.
At Wellington Street, from Hinds Lane, the Cycle Route carries-on, a hundred yards to the right and across the road. This section gets you up along the old viaduct featured on oopart. The small footpath shown there is a few yards to the left after Hinds Lane and across the road. It’s not marked as a Cycle Route. It’s not marked at all! Just a path between two factories…
Going up the Cycle Route by the viaduct is a bit of a drag – coming back down is brilliant! But watch it at the bottom!

Wednesday September 26th 2012.

The rain finally stopped, after two full days, and it was a dry-ish run out this morning. Everywhere is an ‘overflow’ it seems!
River Irwell levels are still high but things might ease a bit now the rain has stopped.
There was about five feet of clearance at Lattice Bridge footpath.
Looking from the scaffolded bridge, the water-level was well-up to the tree-branches.
But, in the shelter of the reservoir embankment…a bit of colour…
…and from the reservoir, swans took-off…
Then it was hometime, via Puddle Lane Mk2!

Tuesday September 25th 2012.

It’s still raining but the winds have dropped so an easy ride this morning.
River Irwell water-level is a bit high so a ride over to Warth Bridge was done.
At the weir the water-level was high, but not as high as it has been this year. The noise was deafening!
The Archimedes Screw was working overtime! 🙂
At Warth Bridge the water, in the far arch, is stationary or moving very slow, due to a build-up of silt etc.
The smaller ‘bridge’ is Bealey’s Goyt going under Bury Road.
A few yards up-river is an old stone bank edging – it looks ‘railway’ but could be anything. But back to the lanes and a wet ride home.

Monday September 24th 2012.

Heavy-ish rain and erratic winds this morning – mainly from the east though – so an easy ride back!
After the swarm of umberella’d children by the school entrances only the sheep were about along the tow-path. Even twitchers had given it a miss.
But, for the die-hards, there’s something appealing (perhaps?) in wet, age-old cobbles and a bridge built for a horse and cart!
As this is being written it’s really wet and windy outside…should I get the bike out?

Sunday September 23rd 2012.

A wintery sun again this morning but it was nice and dry. Geese are everywhere! As are the ‘Sunday’ walkers and cyclists!
Despite a frost or two the Himalayan Balsam is still going strong – but one or two plants are, at last, showing signs of wilting.
Across that lane, looking down, River Irwell levels are about three feet lower than they have been.
Quiet and still up at Elton.
Ancient maps are being studied for an ‘October Special’ and a suitable oopart may have been located outside Radcliffe. Once again the ruins are megalithic and way-off the beaten track.

Friday September 21st 2012.

Solid rain this morning for the four or five miles but there were quite a few out walking dogs – and then hurrying back to their BMW’s parked by what was The Farmers Arms. 🙂
High water-levels along the Irwell and another cyclist along the tow-path…
Getting to the cycle-lanes I do have to go along a main-road for a hundred yards. Along that main-road they’re laying cables or pipes and so it’s even more traffic-jammed than usual at morning rush-hour! The smell of burning fuel is strong as cars stand still with engines running.
But, not far away, all that is forgotten…
…it’s wet, cold, deserted, windy at times, but there are no cars. But there are MegaPuddles!