Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wednesday October 31st 2012.

There was quite a nip in the air this morning and, when you’re thinking of such things as keeping warm, you forget to do other things – like taking photographs! Dementia, Mrs Condor calls it!
But, some pictures did get taken, and, even a detour was made to take a look, from the Sailing Club End, (Bury ) at Elton Reservoir.
It was, stood at the water-inlet at the north-end of the reservoir amid geese, ducks, pidgeons, gulls and cormorants, freezing in the wind. But, on the way there, an oopart did come to light…for future ‘study’ perhaps?
Otherwise, a cold, windy, All Hallows Eve..
…which is just as it should be.

Tuesday October 30th 2012.

A drizzly Tuesday, a Market Day in Radcliffe, if you fancy a walk round.
Despite the rainy weather there were, this morning, quite a few folk out on bikes, as I pedalled a steady five to ten miles of paths, lanes and roads.
Strangely, as I leave the lanes and Cycle-Routes for the roads, just inside modern, affluent Bury, the main-road is lined with large, leafy houses, set-back grandly from the busy road itself…
… then, after half a mile of uphill cycling, the Radcliffe border sign is reached…
and the road is immediately lined with hawthorns, farm-fields and cows!

Monday October 29th 2012.

Dull with a touch of mist this morning but dry enough for an easy ride. A short detour was made to photograph, now the dense foliage has died-back a little, a few heavy old ooparts that still line the tracks in the local forest.
At this time of year, too, a watch is kept for ghosts etc.
But, at times, the tow-paths are a bit bleak and cold, at this time of year, even for those!
As the, once high, hedgerows die-back, some photographs are easier to take, particularly across the river Irwell as one of the newer Metrolink trams goes over the older, Lattice Bridge.
And, as I get closer, a Heron decides if I’m Food or Foe!
While a couple of ‘local’ swans edge past the overcrowded bullrushes by the canal overflow.
From there, along medieval Hinds Lane, where the Dogwood trees swish rusty red, a few more photographs were taken. But, for some reason, all of them taken along that old cobbled path, were thwarted by some Gremlin or other…
…it is though, I’ve heard, haunted down there…

Sunday October 28th 2012.

Quite rainy this morning and, as the camera battery was a bit low, a quicker route was ridden. Not riding a bike much for years makes getting-back onto the main roads, on two wheels, a bit daunting, so main-road riding is being done, a little at a time, to get used to it again.
It looks picturesque, even in the rain, along the canal tow-path in Radcliffe, but, if you’re going along there on the bike, watch-out for the fallen leaves. It’s like riding on Teflon. Especially on the cobbled parts of the path.
Oh, if you haven’t already, put your clocks back!

Saturday October 27th 2012.

Another bright, but freezing morning, which isn’t at all bad for a local bike-ride.
When the sun is very bright though, taking reasonable photographs, for a point and click photographer like myself, is pure luck.
But, in the bright sunshine, the distant forest of wind-turbines does catch the light.
And, as the hedgerows die-back a bit, you get a good view of the nearby level-crossing.

Friday October 26th 2012.

The weathermen, earlier in the week, were right. It was near freezing this morning. Yet the sun was so bright that, riding into it, you couldn’t see. But at least you get brighter ‘photo’s. If you can coax a freezing finger to press-in a tiny ON/OFF button on the camera that is!
So the ‘wintry’ spell, forecast by the weathermen, may be on the cards for this weekend yet it’s still only October. Mind you, the last two ‘winters’, around here, have been in February!
Therefore, if anyone over say fifty is taking a first bike-ride around these parts over this weekend, wear a pair of gloves. There’s nothing worse than flying along a nice, steep, downhill mile to realise, at the bottom, that your fingers, due to age and cold, can’t obey your brain signals and pull the bloody brakes on!
The final picture, today, is of Himalayan Balsam, along Cycle Route 6, that is finally wilting away due to the cold…nice.

Thursday October 25th 2012.

A little overcast again for the ride out but not too cold. Yesterday, another ‘local’ on the ‘net mentioned an old site that I should look-out for in my travels on the bike. I checked the ‘address’ in my A to Zed (which is an oldish one) and this morning extended the ride to take a look.
Well, there is something but not what I was looking for. But I’ll keep checking…
The thing is; things look a bit different (sometimes a lot different) when you’re actually on the spot rather than looking at a map!
In the vicinity of the old mill (pictured) should have been a side-street…as far as I can see it’s no longer there and the area is fenced-off (?)
Even when attaining height, to take ‘photo’s, the result shows nothing unusual…
…other than, perhaps, railway carriages in Bury Town Centre…(?)
…which actually is quite as it should be. It’s just that the reality is seemingly different than the maps!
So bear this in mind if you get hold of a bike and ride, or take a walk, around areas you haven’t seen for a while.

Wednesday October 24th 2012.

Dull again today but the breeze was from the north – so following, on the way home, up the main road. I was a bit late today and so met the local volunteers that spend Wednesday mornings dredging garbage from the canal. This is hard work while stood on the canal tow-path, but if you feel like a few hours hard graft for nothing just get along the canal around Crow Tree at nine-ish on a Wednesday morning. Ask for Geoff.
Plenty of People Walkers about too.
It’s getting harder to find a colourfull scene or two as autumn progresses. But, such is autumn!
Here and there though things natural and/or man-made add interest to the daily ride.
You also see new paths for future rides perhaps…coming to light as summer foliage dies-back for winter.

Tuesday October 23rd 2012.

Dull but dry this morning for the ride out therefore just a few pictures were taken. The longer route takes in part of a major road and, although there is a Cycle-Lane, passing traffic does seem perilously close – at first.
The roads are vastly different places – cycling-wise – than they were when I first adopted two wheels, more than fifty years ago. Then, at half-term school holidays, I’d cycle from Denton to Hayfield, or to The Snake Road at Glossop, and see hardly a car, or even people! There were, then, plenty of cars and indeed people about, but in those days all those people would be (quite happily!) in work!
These days, for the cyclist, vast lengths of redundant and defunct canal tow-paths and railway tracks (they’ve lifted the actual lines and weighed them in!) have been economically tarmacadumed and allowed to economically grow wild with woodland and weeds in the name of ‘picturesque’.
‘Artistic’ ‘sculptures’ have been placed along such lanes and you can cycle literally for miles without seeing a soul. And you rarely do. What, with the cost of a home and a couple of cars, a modern bike is still seen as a rather quirky, weekend luxury item!
So comparatively few use bikes seriously. Which, for those that do, gives us something ‘unusual’ to write about every morning!

Monday October 22nd 2012.

A very dull morning so pictures were difficult, especially in the tree-lined areas.
And, for the aged, keeping-up with experienced people-walkers isn’t easy! A different swan pair too – the cygnets were up at Elton.
In these marshy wilds I’ve noticed too that the massive flocks – gaggles – of Canada Geese have disappeared from the fields. Migrated? I’ve been told they do. But swans are still about – the cygnets now fully-grown.
The light wasn’t good for that last picture. From there I go up to the normal road system – here there is a wide cycle-lane so it’s reasonably safe. But the problem of fumes is a worry. The smell of fuel, especially deisel, is strong and turning-off the main road persists for a good fifty yards or more.
Yet we’re told to ‘get out into the fresh-air’!