Monday October 22nd 2012.

A very dull morning so pictures were difficult, especially in the tree-lined areas.
And, for the aged, keeping-up with experienced people-walkers isn’t easy! A different swan pair too – the cygnets were up at Elton.
In these marshy wilds I’ve noticed too that the massive flocks – gaggles – of Canada Geese have disappeared from the fields. Migrated? I’ve been told they do. But swans are still about – the cygnets now fully-grown.
The light wasn’t good for that last picture. From there I go up to the normal road system – here there is a wide cycle-lane so it’s reasonably safe. But the problem of fumes is a worry. The smell of fuel, especially deisel, is strong and turning-off the main road persists for a good fifty yards or more.
Yet we’re told to ‘get out into the fresh-air’!

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