Tuesday October 23rd 2012.

Dull but dry this morning for the ride out therefore just a few pictures were taken. The longer route takes in part of a major road and, although there is a Cycle-Lane, passing traffic does seem perilously close – at first.
The roads are vastly different places – cycling-wise – than they were when I first adopted two wheels, more than fifty years ago. Then, at half-term school holidays, I’d cycle from Denton to Hayfield, or to The Snake Road at Glossop, and see hardly a car, or even people! There were, then, plenty of cars and indeed people about, but in those days all those people would be (quite happily!) in work!
These days, for the cyclist, vast lengths of redundant and defunct canal tow-paths and railway tracks (they’ve lifted the actual lines and weighed them in!) have been economically tarmacadumed and allowed to economically grow wild with woodland and weeds in the name of ‘picturesque’.
‘Artistic’ ‘sculptures’ have been placed along such lanes and you can cycle literally for miles without seeing a soul. And you rarely do. What, with the cost of a home and a couple of cars, a modern bike is still seen as a rather quirky, weekend luxury item!
So comparatively few use bikes seriously. Which, for those that do, gives us something ‘unusual’ to write about every morning!

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