Thursday October 25th 2012.

A little overcast again for the ride out but not too cold. Yesterday, another ‘local’ on the ‘net mentioned an old site that I should look-out for in my travels on the bike. I checked the ‘address’ in my A to Zed (which is an oldish one) and this morning extended the ride to take a look.
Well, there is something but not what I was looking for. But I’ll keep checking…
The thing is; things look a bit different (sometimes a lot different) when you’re actually on the spot rather than looking at a map!
In the vicinity of the old mill (pictured) should have been a side-street…as far as I can see it’s no longer there and the area is fenced-off (?)
Even when attaining height, to take ‘photo’s, the result shows nothing unusual…
…other than, perhaps, railway carriages in Bury Town Centre…(?)
…which actually is quite as it should be. It’s just that the reality is seemingly different than the maps!
So bear this in mind if you get hold of a bike and ride, or take a walk, around areas you haven’t seen for a while.

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