Friday October 26th 2012.

The weathermen, earlier in the week, were right. It was near freezing this morning. Yet the sun was so bright that, riding into it, you couldn’t see. But at least you get brighter ‘photo’s. If you can coax a freezing finger to press-in a tiny ON/OFF button on the camera that is!
So the ‘wintry’ spell, forecast by the weathermen, may be on the cards for this weekend yet it’s still only October. Mind you, the last two ‘winters’, around here, have been in February!
Therefore, if anyone over say fifty is taking a first bike-ride around these parts over this weekend, wear a pair of gloves. There’s nothing worse than flying along a nice, steep, downhill mile to realise, at the bottom, that your fingers, due to age and cold, can’t obey your brain signals and pull the bloody brakes on!
The final picture, today, is of Himalayan Balsam, along Cycle Route 6, that is finally wilting away due to the cold…nice.

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